Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (RHBA-2020:4196) is now available.This release uses Kubernetes 1.19 with CRI-O runtime. Today, we're going to be checking out the Amazon Smart Plug! If nothing is working for you, feel free to contact Amazon’s official support, using their website. Control-M by BMC Software that simplifies complex application, data, and file transfer workflows, whether on-premises, on the AWS Cloud, or across a hybrid cloud model. The steps for doing it are right below, but you’ll need to also deregister the Amazon Smart Plug from your Amazon account via the app. While holding the button, plug into an outlet. If I look at the log it shows me the following, but it doesn't give any reason or explanation, that … The post also shows how to use alerts to set up automatic scaling on Amazon EMR clusters, based on your CloudWatch custom metrics. The Bootable solution may hang if the SSD is removed on PCs that do not support the hot plug feature (e.g. On the UI, all we get is: ‘Jenkins’ doesn’t have label