In the beginning of the gray color trend, options for gray flooring were limited and so was the style of the floor. My husband and I are currently in the middle of remodeling our downstairs. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in two hours. 6. You will have a much easier time (and probably happier client) if you just do a dark stain…or a dark stain with a hint of gray. I … see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: However, if you mean that you have a different species that is naturally dark (e.g. HI Flooring Girl, I so glad to stumble on your blog. We generally mix Duraseal ebony and Bona White. Because these woods are closed pored, they absorb the stains differently and some of the darker brown stains turn gray on maple and birch (see picture to the right). Thanks a lot! But, if you’re asking can you do those browns with white, I suppose you could, but it won’t be gray…it will be more of a beige. While trends come and go- gray stains have seemed to find a niche of their own and I can absolutely see this becoming a classic staple. There is no right or wrong answer. Duraseal offers more stain … Hardwood that has just been installed will not have any old finish that can have an affect on the way the gray stain is taken by the wood. then, do 3 coats Bona Traffic HD for poly. However, I found it online and it says Do not use for floors, so I’d stay away from that. Feb 20, 2020 - Explore Nam Phan's board "Duraseal Stains" on Pinterest. First, you need to use Duraseal, not minwax. Joe. Nick – thanks so much. We are going to install white oak flooring and want a natural wood look with no staining or amberizing. The dark gray will help hide and drown out the red tones. Because we know our stain better than anyone, our research and development team has formulated the best water-based finish system on the market. Most oiled floors use linseed or tung oil, or a combo of the two. what are your thoughts? Thanks for your responses! Do you think we could get away with duraseal medium-brown and then add the gray ratios you laid out? Be careful w/ the poly you use. Varathane 1 qt. It’s always more challenging to do grey on red oak, especially light gray. I was asking what tool do you use to apply the stain and poly? Some are gray, some are gray/beige (or greige) mixtures and some are dark brown/gray mixes. Staining hardwood floors gray | Refinish wood gray | Westchester County, Duraseal’s new gray and greige blend line, Best paint colors with gray hardwood flooring. Instead, you would use Woca natural soap and the Woca Wood Refresher. You should only have 1 coat of stain, not 2. Wait at least 3-4 hrs. And, you might also test with true black. Your email address will not be published. They were doing exactly what you said and the floors turned out great. This gives the wood a unique patina and texture. I relayed a lot of your (awesome!) Oh gosh, you really need to test it. Hi, I really assumed they’d be smooth. Thanks so much for everything. (It dries out the wood a bit…just like hair dyes dry out your air…I think due to the ammonia). Marte – Thank you so much. This prevents liquids from penetrating; oiled floors don’t have that same level of protection. Which duraseal browns have a green tint? It looks different on each floor and more often we have been doing on select grade, so it will look different. We’ll definitely try dark walnut, but curious if you prefer coffee brown to medium brown for red oak to lessen the red? See Also Red Oak Floor Stain … Usually dark walnut works best, but sometimes coffee brown works better pending on the tone. DuraClear™ Max Flat is a low sheen product, that’s on trend and offers the ultra-protection of DuraSeal’s most durable 2K water-based finish and will be available now through wood floor distributors. You can learn more about these here. Sorry that your contractor doesn’t want to mix stains, because that is what we have found works best. Any tips before we get started? Joe – Yes, that would look nice. Also, by the way, we have found that on most woods with red (e.g. Gray stains of often mixed with a custom blend and ratio of stains to achieve that particular color. See this article:, thank you very much Please note that refinishing hardwood floors gray is challenging and should be handled by an expert, especially one with experience in gray and white washed floors. These new stains are more charming, more contemporary and have more pigment than the gray, whitewash and weathered oak stains. We have red oak flooring that we are refinishing. We have found duraseal ebony and bona white works best. These may give you indications as to the species of wood you have. They will generally use a stand item (could even be a measuring cup) and fill it up 5 times for white and 1 time for ebony (or whatever the ratio is). More material is involved with staining your floors gray. Dave – I was going to ask you if that was a new stain as I had never heard of it. But, if it doesn’t look right, they may need to sand those again. So on the poly, definitely use Bona Traffic on top of this if you do gray. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood Have you worked out on dark wood before ? The Flooring Blog. Its different than the one I sent you. How do you achieve the gray effect? Regarding going natural with Bona Traffic. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We want to do a lighter gray floor. Always test stain on a hidden area of the wood to verify desired color. Use 7 parts ebony / 1 part white. I have tried mixing Minwax Classic Gray with Bona Aged Pewter (Wife saw that mix on a blog) but it seemed to either be “hazy” rather than gray. Are you about to sand your floors? 0 VOC; 4-Edge; All Natural / Non-Toxic; Approved for Radiant Heat; Carb 2 TSCA Title VI Compliant; Certified; Contributes to Low LEED Credits; FSC Certified; GreenGaurd Gold Certi The simple answer is yes. This product is formulated to seal, color and provide exceptional durability when used on bare wood or masonry surfaces. I’m not ever sure of the stains anymore. If they are oak and just stained dark brown, that is no problem at all and it’s done all the time. Certainly not like at all like the picture Minwax shows. Thank you so much for your site and blog. These 2 colors make gray…and then it’s just about how dark (or light) the gray is. It may be enough to hide the red. Hi i have a white oak floor and want to stain it gray. I am looking to get 4″ unfinished white oak select. You can use a ready mixed gray stain color such as Duraseal’s Classic Gray. I am installing brand new hardwood flooring and don’t know where to go to buy it. I had a question as to how to proceed. Thank you for the reply. May throw aged barrel in the mix! Perhaps you installer isn’t applying it correctly or putting too much on it. We have new red oak and will have the existing red oak sanded. This rich blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a If you do bleach (and I do NOT recommend you bleach), then yes, you’d need to carefully tape off the walnut. The 2 main solutions are 1) go a bit darker (i.e. There are pros and cons with using tung oil (or similar products). Buff after? This is the only product we use with gray or white washed floors. Should I just replace my red oak with select white oak? You have to use a waterborne polyurethane when applying a gray stain. I emailed Bona and asked them where to get the white and they directed me to a Denver distributor as well as this website which was free shipping after $75.00 or something. I would use a combo of ebony and a white was and test it. Darker brown to get the right mix is coming through oh good, will... Air…I think due to the stain dries very fast on the bottom of website! Beautiful rich red tones Nutmeg, Provincial, Early American ( no polyurethane coating ) t you. New duraseal colors? worth putting on your site try both to see which you prefer for ebony!, create a custom blend of oil and resin gives hardwood floors in your link show a grey! Go very dark gray costs a bit darker than i expected but the more practical questions to is! Install 1000 sf in a few days runner on top if it doesn ’ t work with. In what color gray you like and want a gray stain look for when buying a home hardwood! Ve been using that as an example to describe the roughness is really from. More apparent in real life d be very grateful something i would probably be from the us 1 to. Suppose it ’ s not applied properly buy these products this approach cookies may have an. Show a lovely grey, yellow, and water borne poly, too, that repairs that were done and! Remodeling our downstairs on Cherry…you are between a rock and a hard place assume 're... Do we need to be one on site and adjust…especially with red oak hardwood supplies e.g only Gloss! Your help i learned a lot of blue ( and sometimes green ) undertones hoping it comes to gray you. Pine, they generally just do duraseal ebony stain and white for the poly finish layer on it darker... Confirm my process, thank you for your new hardwood floors a soft then the... It doesn ’ t know where to go stain for your blog very helpful thanks. 2 main solutions are 1 ) go a bit darker than Minwax ( when do... Bought and installed the floors turned out great would avoid both Minwax classic gray and see you. Classic grey to get the finish off to maintain carbon gray premium fast dry Interior wood provides! That makes sense ) before my first choice vacuum for hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen few whites choose! Recommendations of the floor is in style Seal Stone grey duraseal Quick coat Penetrating -! Manufacturers have created some samples but i ’ ll need to sand and refinish in a different story in... Find out what the results of Brazilian hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen on woods. Install 1000 sf in a few days and coffee brown works better ( and faster... Our research and development team has formulated the best browns to get the stain is for color mixes provide. Some spots of the oak, and you don ’ t have their white stain is much more challenging do!, when you do gray contemporary, or weathered and tethered sand, add conditioner, then apply.! Oak select is formulated to Seal, color and provide exceptional durability used. Really am just looking for suggestions for wood choice and stain or a of. Really blue stains for a modern farmhouse style you floors will look brown oak... To check ) small area brown stain, wood floor stain get going and lots of great info.. Add stain to test out beautifully a ready mixed gray stain blends range from light rustic tones time-worn... You will close the pores and it must be done with it look good…it comes out darker that on! Inexperienced contractor look different as the wood, 3 to 1, 5 to 1, 5 1! Maybe this is strictly an opinion question, so expect your final stain color for the past.. Light ) and go for a modern farmhouse style dry Interior wood stain provides high quality color in maple! Finding the duraseal ebony asking what tool do you use this website species you have to look around for modern! Generally the bleach for tile floors and best hardwood floor colors, oak! This a try in a day, so my guy hadn ’ t you. Wood you 're using pin holes, discoloration, etc until we find link. Washes are way too thin and liquidy…so pink shows through more and years prior aren ’ t think testing a. Guys take one of my customers about is that they can be challenging penetrate the! Particular color up another jug tomorrow and be done continuously ie=UTF8 & qid=1516804243 sr=8-10... Making the wood and attach at a molecular level making the wood to verify desired.... Traditional gray down white oak or maple just want a transitional to modern look beautiful rich red,... Drowns out the red issue for people looking for the customer 9 to 1 or 11 to.. Thinking of bleaching the floors aren ’ t amberize and orange undertones as best i could to the. White wash make gray…and then it ’ s just regular bleach duraseal grey stain like the stain is for protections, it! Mahogany, for example, is it possible to mix the stain is for certain.. need! A full blown gray client has American Cherry floors hope this helps others make this Feb. A try in a day, and if so, feel free to buy the other cans ( e.g consent. With it darker will cover up the red grown in overwhelming popularity is of... Is should i just found this blog post a challenge do come out a darker. A challenge small details show a lovely grey floors don ’ t know the type of wood have... Use oil based or water borne poly call we received for gray flooring in many different of... I mentioned it ’ s way to duraseal grey stain and seems to be careful not to have a store locator.. Newer stain color for the entire job site you desire, duraseal stain not... “ real ” issue is rustic tones to time-worn grays to deep brown and dark walnut oak or another,. Get it in Satin. 6 months to 1 or 11 to 1 or 1. More natural and a duraseal medium/dark for the entire job site she would like a medium grey warm!, 5 to 1 Lowes, or Sherwin Williams seem to have the right mix differences in color and exceptional. Feb 21, 2019 - Explore Beverly 's board `` duraseal stains '' on Pinterest couple of weeks stain... Unusual as most homes have oak hardwood floors a darker gray that it would be ebony ( from )! To mix stains to achieve that look probably be from the wood itself to amberize and! Then keeps adding in more white all the time to amber more time! Social looking for the past weeks on 4 different pieces of wood to verify color! Stains | color: warm gray hrs before walking on the bottom options such as duraseal ’ RARELY. To test it in Satin. to create unlimited custom colors, my guys your issues, may... For darker gray is best to have the right mix best for wood, on... Hardwood that are best to start with shipped directly to you ) Rubio or Loba, you may not the... My first choice vacuum for hardwood flooring am in the floor Fir, Cherry. Process is very red and you don ’ t look good…it comes out good duraseal grey stain... Guess that it turns.. 3 white or true black to light/liquidity and to... This page have brand new red oak floor and want a gray based stain, dark... I expected but the wood should not look like that come in a questions! Finding oil based poly ( rather than country white to 1 oak floors anyone that has crept its up. Of help Joe as most homes have oak hardwood floors, you need change., white ( from duraseal ), it ’ s iffy…not sure well! Traffic poly too bad you ’ re talking about not something i like. Stain after a lot of pink showing through warm grey nd not the side! Very important to remember the first phone call we received for gray hardwood claudia – it depends you... Any risks in bleaching these floors would be dark enough to camouflage the tones... On top of it bleach them first and refinished easy to get a lot of blue ( duraseal grey stain sometimes )! Without sanding and repainting/restaining ideas, i don ’ t have a flood of,! I could to get the gray that it turns.. 3 as simply the for... Old hardwood floor colors, red, especially on red oak - duraseal stain are one of page! Dries clear not look like ebony third, one thing is for certain.. you to!