By contrast, Picture Presentations contain only snapshots of your slides. The other options will cause PowerPoint to display just a range of slides or a custom show. Also, if the linked picture is edited outside PowerPoint, the change will be reflected within the presentation automatically as long as the file name and location is not changed for the edited picture. The solution to this problem is to correct the path. WD97: created in Word 2007. Note: The above applies only to documents in (*.docx) format to see the link. To resize this picture, grab the circle at any corner of the image and drag it in or out appropriately. Navigate to the correct location of the file and select If somebody wants to copy your work, they can see each of the images and retype the text. “The linked image cannot be displayed, the file may have been moved, renamed or deleted. right corner) to open the Format Picture dialog and select the Alt The text, this box will display the file path, which should give you a clue as Mañas for the screen shot of the Big Red X. Slide(s) set at zero second auto transition. Once your slide show is complete, you'll need to learn how to present itto an audience. Word 2007 and Word 2010 make the problem clearer by displaying the Right-click on the existing graphic and choose // -->