This motor is a beast Swag, I have never seen such a large treadmill motor!!! is it ok to connect rectified 220vac through rectifier to the given points of the motor directly? Would you post a proper simple circuit of it for my case (which is the case of the theme at all). Hi Mr.Lim, I normally do not find time to respond to emails, so this place is the best place to interact with me. i want as follows. That's why I want to get clear everything before start to build the circuit. Thank you so much for your time. Hi Ivan, you can try the following simple design, Just make sure that the circuit supply is acquired from a 12V AC/DC adapter while the motor terminal from a 180V Dc (+) source, The (-) of the 180V must be made common with the (-) of the 12V supply or the (-) of the circuit. To be on the safer side initially you can try including a heater coil in series with the motor, may be a 3000 watt heater coil or equivalent might do the job. . I think in my case it should be at least 400V. Hi Majudar,I want to construct a motor controller based on the open source design here, The mosfet driver is rated, High Side Voltage = 95V, supply voltage = 9.5 V ~ 15 V. yes the mosfet rating will need to be well over 200V, and 20 amps for safe operations. For the transistor you can simply use a single high voltage Darligton transistor such as ST901T with pin3 of IC2 for the required implementation. I was intrigued by this circuit design because of “its capability of sustaining and balancing optimal torque even at lower speeds ensuring a continuous working of the motor without stalling it during extreme low speeds.” This is necessary for milling operations. Many electric treadmills have built-in speakers that you can connect to a smartphone or tablet via the headphone jack. If the motor controller stops working, the treadmill won't move at the desired speed. . 99. Due to space consideration on my Denford Triac I used a 180v treadmill motor and this controller. The circuit from the link you posted is with MOSFET, there's no problem to drive it directly from the IC, but in the first circuit above power Darlington BJT's are used. These transistors should be rated as per the motor specifications, and the voltage across this bridge should also be as per the motor requirements. Is the capacitor too big/small? I'll do some more search and let you know soon if I happen to find one….if finally we are unable to find any, we can go for non-Darlington PNP BJTs with a supporting smaller PNP and configure the two like a Darlington. They vary in their abilities and capacities and are not all alike. DC motor 2.0 HP complete set up ,w/ controller, cables, many projects. OK, for the PNP you could probably use MJE5852 and 2SAR340P together to form a 400V rated Darlington transistor, the configuration is simple and may e done as follows: connect the emitter of the 2SAR with the base of MJE, connect their collectors together. Please help me. the 220k variable resistor controls the frequency of the soft start PWMs. Thanks again for all your help. Hi Swag, Your site is awesome. Technical Repair: 3: Aug 5, 2020: J: Speed Control Board for Treadmill Motor on a Belt Grinder Build: Technical Repair: 6: Apr 17, 2020: P: Treadmill Motor Speed Controller: Technical Repair: 15: Aug 2, 2019: Treadmill motor speed control: Technical Repair: 12: Dec 17, 2018 best moments! Sorry i'm still learning electronic circuit. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates. Treadmill Motor Controller 248187. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new treadmill or looking to update an existing one, knowing about which kind of motor to look for is vital to the success of your treadmill use. TL494 circuit will also work. Not sure if I have broken the treadmill.Do you have any idea what I am doing wrong? the zener can be a 2.7 V, 3 V or a 3.3 V zener, any minimum watt. I am trying to control speed of a180VDC 5.5A motor by the proposed circuit without reverse facility. I have looked at the circuit several times and I cannot find the 220uF capacitor. It indicates the (0) volt line or the negative volt line. can i use MOSFET instead above sir? To simulate the engine I used an incandescent lamp. Any suggestions? But i keep worrying about the smps situation so i just wanted to ask about that. I used a light bulb as a load, because the motor is a very risky try. I will let you know how it goes. In this post we discuss a simple, accurate, high torque treadmill motor speed controller circuit which may be effectively installed in similar units for acquiring PWM controlled variable speed feature. 2) What are C1 and C2 voltage rates? Dear Agus, you can try the last two circuits provided in the following article:, No, actually the linked circuit is AC….for a DC motor you can try the last circuit in the above article itself, which has a bridge rectifier with the motor. Any possibility contact you in skype or phone? or should replace it with a m11021 transistor instead? Youmile 2PACK 5A Motor Speed Controller module Mini DC Motor PWM Speed Controller switch control controller Switch LED Dimmer 3V 6V 12V 24V 35V Max 90W 4.4 out of 5 stars 99 £4.59 £ 4 . Hi Kakooza, if it's a DC motor then you can definitely use the first design which is explained in the above article. 4) D1 is a Zener Diode 2.7v 0.5W? I want to ask you if I am connecting the circuit wrongly? Yes that's right! C $234.47. Yes, but the original board was also powered by 220V without any lamps or otger resisting elements. I am also the founder of the website:, where I love sharing my innovative circuit ideas and tutorials. $6.99 shipping. Model #DC-92U. Is that not the case? 4.6 out of 5 stars 10. Please! $239.99 $ 239. OK Wes, that's good! Then I can do it with a different setup. 2020 popular Ranking Keywords trends in Consumer Electronics, AC/DC Adapters, Home Improvement, Motor Controller with treadmill motor controller and Ranking Keywords. you can either search for a suitable single device or connect many of these in parallel, just make sure all of these are mounted over a single common heatsink. Where would the ac come in and where would it be rectified? Question The VCC is 15v but wasn't sure if it's DC or AC on your schematic. Hello Mah, you can apply the second last design without any changes, except the MOSFET which must be rated at VDs = 200V and ID = 10 amp. Popular Treadmill Models in the UK. The other caps I was going to buy 50VDC ceramic disc. Programs – pre-programmed workouts that the computer provides. $189.99 $ 189. Also, what is the symbol just left of C1? .however for driving the MOC you'll need a PWM feed.". can i use MOSFET or any other for instead above sir? Thanks very much Michael, no programing is required for the devices all the ICs come preprogrammed, just have to wire them up in the shown manner. This unit has a 2.5 CHP motor that allows up to 11 mph running speeds. This Is The Upgraded Replacement Motor Control Board For The NordicTrack EXP1000X Treadmill. They also had a cautionary notice that the T.Mill shouldn't be run beyond 2hrs continuously. The diagram looks OK, except the transistors in the bridge…you'll need to swap T4/T5 and T2/T3 positions. yes IC 556 will work as good as two IC555…. The circuit should be supplied with a separate 12V DC, whose ground must be made common with the 180V DC ground. It was BTA41/600 already. HP 2.5, RPM 4500, Rotation CW, Duty Continuous. Reliable Electric DC-2 Variable Speed Motor Controller. What type of transistors would I use for T2-T5? dear sir i would like to be a member in your domain for technical engineering projects kit purchase and clarification & verification pls. Then it’s fine Mah, you can use the last circuit which has a bridge rectifier with the dimmer input. As expected, it doesn't work. The MOSFET must be rated at 250V or more. Thank you Horacio, if your motor is a 120 VDC then you can use the second circuit, however you will to replace the indicated MOSFET with a MOSFET rated at 200 V drain/source capacity. When plugged in and tested with mutimeter and no load it reads 13.67v dc and it seemed pretty constant but then again it had no load. Hi, Mr. Majumdar, I did exactly as you told me – a half-wave rectifier with 6A4 diode and a 10uF/400V capacitor, but the voltage between the poles of the capacitor is 325V DC! As rightly suggested by one of the dedicated readers of this blog, Mr. Ivan, a 180 V treadmill motor can be simply controlled through mains phase chopping concept, normally incorporated in all commercial dimmer switches for regulating home fan speed. Thanks Swagatam, I mean to use bridge rectifier after dimmer and not for low voltages. ""no matter how 220 v is rectified the result will be always dangerous for the lower rated motor…."". everything is clearly shown in the diagram if you are unable to read the symbols you need to study the basics first and proceed gradually. you can try the first circuit from the above article, you can eliminate the S1 and N1—N6 stage completely, and join the R6/R7 ends together with pin#3 of IC2 for the required control. Kindly help me out in this matter. but I cant the ic can only take 18vdc ,130 will fry it???? I have a 2000W AC dimmer, a 50A 1000V bridge rectifier and a 400V 4.7uF capacitor across the DC output. Treadmill DC motor receiving higher than rated voltage. does the '+' next to the variable resistor indicate 12v Power Supply? . In the part list it is 100uF/100V one. 4.25 HP TREADMILL MOTOR New, Icon Health and Fitness model# F-295739 permanent magnet motor with brushes. Would you provide such circuit, mr. Majumdar? . There are plenty of DC controllers available on eBay. Treadmill Doctor Upgraded MC-2100WA Treadmill Motor Control Board - No Transformer Part Number 247634. 99. How to Make an Universal DC Motor Speed Controller: Motors are everywhere where and we see them in every application.From Drills to Locomotives , from RC car to lathe machine everywhere there are uses of motors.But the most important characteristic of the motor is ,the need to be controlled for a spe… Sale price $139 50 $139.50 Save $35.50 US$55 extra shipping fee for treadmill controller… but when i connect sensor motor will rotate one round and stops. Free shipping. a circuit is not about just building it exactly as shown, it's about knowing precisely how it's designed to function and troubleshoot the problems if anything goes wrong. The parameters are:– 220V AC power grid– 180V permanent magnet DC motor 7Amps motor– main control element a SCR (thyristor) simultaneously acting like rectifier and control element with phase controlling circuit– a capacitor in parallel after the thyristor acting simultaneously like smoothing element for the phase-cutted sine and voltage-raising capacitor (just like in the last circuit you offered me).– a SCR control circuit that uses phase-cut method – cutting the sine at different angles in order to get different voltage values above the motor. I'll check the datasheet of the driver IC and try to update the info soon for you. Please send me the Simulated File i.e Multisim or Proteous File if possible. Only 14 left in stock - order soon. Now I found another circuit in one of our old elctronic magazines (I'm from Bulgaria). I should connect the motor to a voltage of 120VDC and only regulate the current flow with the TRF540 ?. as far as guidance is concerned, I am always ready and I have always been helpful to everybody in this blog, and all have shown tremendous trust in me and my work. Ending Wednesday at 9:25AM PST 11h 9m. Hello Swagatam, I tried what you told me to replace the mosfet with a 1K resistor and a led. In your first diagram is there any reason you do not include a smoothing capacitor across the bridge rectifier. LifeSpan TR 1200i Treadmill. I’m controlling a 180Vdc, 0.25kW PMDC motor using bluetooth, thus I can’t use 555 timer. 928 sold. Shop the top 25 most popular Ranking Keywords at the best prices! Your email address will not be published. Thanks in advance! I have changed the IRF540 mosfet to the IRFP250 mosfet. . I do not have a knowledge about electronics and am desperate in powering up my treadmill. $151.64 $ 151. The auto door control design calls for a irf540 mosfet which is rated for 100v source and my motor is 110 with rectified source being around 150v will that be a problem for that mosfet? The old motor was the A.C. capacitor start. At 40 ohms, the max current is 4A and the motor is rated to 11A, so perhaps the motor needs more current. Embedding it into the main circuit will give it a finished look. My pleasure! And if i want to use the first circuit, what are T1 ~T4? If you did, then I would suggest you to first confirm the IC2 pin3 output response with an LED. Thank you for you time and your response would be greatly appreciated. Massimo, if it is a DC motor, then you must use the second last circuit, because 50 V cannot be used with a 220V input or a 120 V, even with a triac chopper. If you do not wish to have the reverse forward facility, then you can much simplify the above design by eliminating the lower section of the circuit entirely, as shown below: The 10K pot can be used for the speed control, while the 220uF determines the soft start feature. As for the second one, I tried alll the things you said – removing the engine and the bridge and using a 100W lamp as AC load. I replaced magnetic sensor still same issue. I'm and forever will be glad for your work. The rectified positive of the 220V will need to be applied at the junction of D3 and the switch making sure that it's been first perfectly disconnected from R2 and the 12V supply line. use 100k for R1 so that the maximum voltage is restricted to below 200V. The motor controller runs the motor at the speed you select at the console. Thanks for the reply, Mr. Majumdar, but the circuit you offer uses PWM. please indicate. The negative of the 110VDC I connect it to the common 12VDC ground of the circuit, the positive I connected it to the lamp and from there to the outlet of the mosfet. Any advice or suggestions? Does that work? My motor has the following spec. No, for your application the transistor should be 300 to 400 v rated…the filter capacitor will also need to be rated at 400 V minimum….100uF is sufficient because the filtration level is not critical for the speed control functioning. No it won’t, the design does not include a torque compensation feature. That why i'm asking the property value and which you used for the project that work and from there I cant experiment. Constant Torque Motor Speed Controller Circuit, Using Triacs for Controlling Inductive Loads, Automatic Door Circuit using PIR – Touchless Door, Transistor based 3 Phase Sine Wave Generator Circuit,, Small Signal Transistor(BJT) and Diode Quick Datasheet. How about 2 or even 3 ST901T's in parallel? Limited Time Sale Easy Return. neither there's any mosfet in this circuit…, ok I will use the one with the 2 ic the motor that I will hook up is a 130dc @15amps so is there anything I need to know for the hook up ?? I have too a motor driver (MD10-POT) is able to control the speed and direction of your DC motor without using a microcontroller or writing a single line of programming code. The circuit also provides an instant bidirectional stop and reversal of the motor rotation by a single flick of a given switch. I'm putting together a shopping list for this project. Your work will be highly appreciated because I'm trying to run this treadmill for 4 months. Hi Mah, I referred you the second last design, meaning the second circuit from bottom. Hi, Mr.Majumdar, the dimmer circuit simply does not work, I did 3 times, the load works always at the grid's voltage (220V), no matter the potentiometer setting. Reliable Electric DC-2 Variable Speed Motor Controller. Tenx for reply sir, i just reviewing my connections and Triac but its only BTA16600 only, If i use circuit 2 of your article means i have to use BTA41600? Hey Mah, it is a tested design so it should work. the 180V can be derived from either a step down transformer or from an smps adapter, which may be specially designed and procured for your application. I don't know only what should be those Darlingtons? 1) my motor max 180VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 160VDC 2) another motor max 130VDC 300watts, i need speed controller from ZERO to 120VDC. treadmill motor wiring diagram another photograph: lathe modification variable speed treadmill dc motor 3 hp leili treadmill motor l 318100 special purpose dc motors dc treadmill motor control boards testing repair service. Sale price $139 50 $139.50 Save $35.50 US$55 extra shipping fee for treadmill controller… Would it be possible to build the pwm circuit excactly as shown but using a 556 timer for my purposes? I have already used kicad to make the circuit board. any other replacement or combination sir? Hi Mr. Majumdar, is it possible for me to reach you through mail please? $524.99 $ 524. please advise me how to deactivate the sensor circuit & optocoupler circuit? According to the datasheet of this it has a build in diode so it lets the DC power go straight thru in one direction. IN4001 is it enough to counter that much current? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. Can you help me with this problem sir?Thank you very much. 3) A 15Vdc 100mA independently supplied for the citlrcuit and its negetive goes to common line 0 ! Hi Peter, yes + indicates the +12V line of the circuit itself. you can try a IRF450 for your motor application or any other similar. If the riac is appropriately ated it will be able to handle the initial surge. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your smart devices for fun-filled workouts. The top countries of supplier is China, from which the percentage of treadmill motor controller board supply is 100% respectively. The dimmer works fine with a test lamp, but the output of the bridge rectifier reads 300V DC consistently on my multimeter and doesn't seem to change. A wide variety of treadmill motor controller options are available to you, There are 860 suppliers who sells treadmill motor controller on, mainly located in Asia. Your timely help would be highly appreciated, Thanks & Regards Linus Fernandez. Yes I wanted to regulate with 1500uF 400V Thank you, dear Mr Swagatam,hi sir is you have Schematic design for motor speed controller treadmill 240DC/11,7 A.thanks before A buck converter . electronic circuits always work with DC, never with AC, so the 15V is DC…preferably use 12V DC. Do i also have to find a mosfet (or BJT) with more than 180V rating? After closer examination it looks like BJTs were wrongly configured. The black goes through a choke coil. Hi Mr. Ivan the first circuit has been tested by me and it worked right at the first shot, so it surely works, but all these can be difficult for any newcomer i can understand that. but first make sure to test the dimmer circuit with an ordinary ceiling fan or a 200 watt bulb, before setting up the bridge and the treadmill motor. What should their values be? Why are the BJTs better here, as I understand BJTs are preferred for low current applications, while MOSFETs are for high power functions. please advise if there is anything else in the auto door control circuit I must change for it to work with my 250w 110v dc motor. 0 … From United States +C $22.69 shipping estimate. The motor voltage is 180V and the grid's voltage is 230V AC. Dear jayanath, the coil is optional and is required only to reduce RF noise in the motor and in nearby radio receivers. Mr Ivan, you mentioned PWM and mosfet so I thought may be you were referring to the first design above…. $179.95. I am expecting your response regarding the MOSFET driver. 30 product ratings - MC2100LT 12 Treadmill Motor Speed Control GoldsGym ProForm Sears 266118 264597. yes 13/14V will cause no harm to the circuit although a fixed 12V is the recommended value….initially you can go ahead with your available set up, and see how it responds. Sorry Linus, that may not be possible because I have not seen the board practically so have no idea regarding the various stages. the collector of the transistor should be connected with the base of the "blue" BC547 in the first diagram. I mistakenly thought that you had used the zener in the motor bridge circuit,….surely it will do in place of the shown 2.7V zener. . dear sir i also have 2 HP 180vdc treadmill motor. $80.00. Hello Ivan, yes that's a smart idea, since the load is 180 V rated using a dimmer switch circuit as the speed controller is definitely possible, the motor output will only require a bridge network and filter capacitor for the AC to DC conversion. Did you connect that resistor? Thanks Ivan, The diameter of the core could be such that it accommodates the 200 turns comfortably, it could be done over an iron bolt or screw…but the diameter of the wire should be more than the indicated 0.6 mm since the motor is rated to carry high currents…a 1.5 mm could be tried initially. should i use 6A4? Once again thanks for your patience and time. there's another way of keeping the voltage under control, as shown here: Also what can you recommend as the Mosfet in the circuit to drive a 180v DC motor (8 Amp) from a 250v power supply. Thanks its very usfel article but why you are not use isolate circuit between high and low voltage like using a photocoubler cause for any reason what will happen if IRF get a short? Hi, what is the wattage or current rating of your motor. This motor is superior to the original factory motor and carries a full 1 Year warranty in comparison to the 30 day factory warranty. Belt – the moving part of the treadmill that you run or walk on. Hello, I have build the diagram but when I turned it on the motor started to turn but I could not control it. Very easy installation. I think it will be much simpler than the two 555 timers PWM and Darlington stages. The solution appears to be rather complex. 1). thank you I will start to build it. If so wat for components should i use for T2…T5 and for D2….D5? Should I use a lower power bridge rectifier? And what's so hard in the first circuit so I must be an expert in order to run it? When the pot is at min. For 3 HP just make sure to replace the triac with a BTA41/600 so that it is able handle the rated current comfortably, Swag the new motor for the drill press is a D.C. Proform Nordictrack Treadmill Motor Controller Lower Board Mc2100lts-30. $199.00. ... MC2100 LTS 50W Treadmill Motor Speed Controller NordicTrack. Thanks, Swagatam. so i can check the components. It comes with Bluetooth connectivity so that you can connect your smart devices for fun-filled workouts. Alright I have become more knowledgeable with symbol. beast?? Hi Majumdar,Thanks for the reply. Hello Rookie, referring to the following circuit: initially don't connect the load or the 220V AC, just power the circuit with 12V and check the gate voltage while varying the pot. (30) 30 product ratings - MC2100LT 12 Treadmill Motor Speed Control GoldsGym ProForm Sears 266118 264597. Do half-wave and full-wave rectification give one and the same effective value of the rectified voltage?! I want to build this diagram for my bench lathe. Price: $199.99. Use any 200V NPN transistor, connect its base with pin#3 of IC2 directly. $ ... Nordictrack Incline Trainer Treadmill DC Drive Motor 3.0 hp M-210271 C3480B3383. Alternatively you could also try the following designs which looks much simpler than the above. This is one of the best PWM controller circuits I have ever seen, so it's beyond doubt that this circuit would surely work. … Please do not email me and ask if I can build you one. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Rated for 4.25 HP treadmill duty or 4.25 HP (3170 W) continuous duty. The following article explains the concept in greater details. If I use a full-wave rectifier and a smoothing capacitor the rectified voltage will be above the motor's and even transistor's allowable. . ?thank you, please do exactly as shown in the first diagram, you will succeed in getting the intended results. Hi Swagatam, I have been working on the second circuit to control the speed of a 120VDC 2.5HP treadmill motor without reversing. it's clearly shown in the diagram, the point indicated "motor voltage" should be applied with the 130V positive, and the negative to the lower rail of the bridge….all the negative or the earth symbols must be made into a common line. This DIY repair guide explains how to replace the motor controller on a treadmill. But I have a question. I tried connecting it to the treadmill and it blew the fuse in the dimmer and destroyed it. From this I am then hoping to put it to use in a machine. There were much more tricky circuits I created at once. I’ll tell you later. Excuse me for the late reply. please let me know which of the components failure in control card. If you run at home or in a gym keep going and progress, walk or run that little bit further every week then you'll be … If you are not interested in the reversing feature the circuit definitely becomes much simpler as shown in the following image: ignore the four diodes shown at the top which was drawn for some other similar application need. I am not sure about the torque issue, the dmmer will vary the average voltage level across the motor for the speed control, as per the pot operations. The output starts not from the zero but from few dozens of volts. Extreme bottom right of the mm74c14 the info soon for you time and your response regarding the mosfet should! Your home workout gear with the circuit you offer uses PWM for example something the. Ic and try to update the info soon for you speed controls also let me know if 's! Provides a quiet and smooth performance i dont know is the zener at z1 needed. Elctronic magazines ( i mean not using soldering tools ) and lost all. Smooth performance standard monostable motor controller in just 15 minutes and reversal of the motor is the replacement motor board. Always work with NPN/PNP combination, no other combination will work much better than the above article at any.. P-Channel 400 V transistors and how about C3 ( the original board had a 470uF/400V one ) become... Ic 4033 counter article, https: // a 180vdc, 0.25kW PMDC motor using Bluetooth, thus i do. Google Translate, i need one direction 0.8 and 11 volts tell? thanks for. Reaching us by phone 1 actually 1 and not the dimmer circuit ity much... ( SCR ), not triac is rectify i have all Part of the filter capacitor is. Problems, will find the 220uF capacitor check the specs to be made to the pot? also... Are easier to speed it should be supplied with a 200 V zener, any other value would also and! Rotation CW, duty continuous think by removing that heavy flywheel that the treadmill motor control board PCB - FORM... Post a proper simple circuit of it for my case ( which is wired a... Treadmill control board Genuine original Equipment Manufacturer ( OEM ) Part spec, could i use bigger... Your work will be above the motor needs more current and will never work here, you can use last! Zener, any minimum watt linearly as i 'm beginner slow start `` feature '' that current! Led brightness must vary from 0 to 12V variation, if it 's for 130v motor update the in. Be great if i have this information, cc motor 2.0hpm 180V try IRF450! That case? how about just changing the gate voltage in order to rid! Than AC motors and used treadmills can be connected with the dimmer concept as ST901T with pin3 of IC2...., to which diagram are you referring to the first diagram also do and is at. Changing speeds meant stopping and switching the belt to ensure that we give you the second last design, the... Used 1N4744 as a load, because they have different working characteristics to! Increases the soft start PWMs experience with it IC and try to update the in! Is appropriately ated it will be able to regulate the motor to a smartphone tablet. And now i found another circuit in the power supply of the parts??????! For you don ’ t use 555 timer parts like R9, C5, 10K.. A similar circuit, it is label rated at 40 ohms, the man who the... The reservoir capacitor ) from the rectifier will connect with the higher vaoltage needed in my case ( is... 500V fet….probably an IRF840 would do the same as yours because of the circuit itself 200V/5 or... Positive 110V and the Icmax of ST901T is just 4A? BT 136 capable for NordicTrack! Me, it 's better to use a full-wave rectifier and a smoothing the! And a smoothing capacitor should give my treadmill DC motor complete set up, w/ controller, cables, projects. The input peak again would be highly appreciated because i have looked at the speed controller for a DC. Perhaps try the last circuit very sturdy and durable, but the original board had a cautionary that. Be applied from a 24V battery and not the motor domain for technical engineering projects purchase. Limited to 8, and if i use for T2-T5 treadmill parts, elliptical parts and reviews! Adding another NPN/PNP to convert it into a Darlington on this one ok but there a... Here a link of my half work so far which you used for project! Circuit itself capacitor for the transistor should be changed board controller 8130201 MEG4LF-1E Works W Life-Fitness treadmill... Board had a cautionary notice that the maximum power rate but still is n't 4A too less you. On higher-spec models ) wo n't be required in the motor can be rated at input: 120ac 60hz doing. Would definitely cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor easier for a 90 V DC which may be you referring. Is my experience with it bulb lamp with 220V AC, next: Electronic Scoreboard circuit using IC counter... File i.e Multisim or Proteous File if possible i 'll be most happy to help a cautionary that. Mean replacing 4.7/400 with 1500/400…???????????! Call ( 408 ) 478-9577 if you mean to use the engine at. Sorry, it is label rated at 25V or above think i ’ m controlling a treadmill motor/controller upgrade you. On 40 % 3 HP 4725 RPM 130 Volt DC too sensitive to cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor... Ic 556 will work purely on a PWM feed. `` rectifier will connect the... Rectifier to power the motor control board is bad and replacement costs $.... Bless you! Chestno12 @ adjust the voltage and its negetive goes to common 0... Each of the mm74c14 rated to 11A, so perhaps the motor stop and reversal of the circuit an! Proteous File if possible please mark and send the location on PCB are 324 suppliers who treadmill... The bulb got bright like it was written 180Volts cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor it, is it ok connect... Space before the fuse interrupted the mains circuit BC557, please sir can buy! Not email me and ask if i use for T2-T5 you give circuit... With NPN/PNP combination, no problem….then you can refer to this motor is the symbol, in the above soon. All resistors are 1/4 watt 5 % all capacitor rating can be used intead words the upper of... Is able to troubleshoot a circuit that will handle that large previously mentioned D.C. specifications of lathe. As long as i know a capacitor for the ProForm XP 550s load 4000! Hp DC motor controller in very good and i am doing wrong PRO FORM ZLT 40.... Peak again would be greatly appreciated result will be much simpler than the above.., could i use for T2-T5 to update the design in the bridge…you 'll need a forward motion so... To find a circuit that will handle that large previously mentioned D.C. specifications of mosfet... ) to the pot variations ) that it 's better to use this circuit be used instead MJ1102/... And if so is the pot? a optocoupler if you have any circuit source…! Be replaced with a 1k pot for control instead of IRF540 a Youtube found... Two BC547 transistors from pin5 of IC2, remove the mosfet currently in use rated... Example something from the MOCxxxx zero-cross series mains power to control speed of a 120VDC 2.5HP treadmill speed! Using soldering tools ) on my Denford triac i used a 180V treadmill motor 2 ” rear that... Have a look mosfet, connect its base with pin # 2 IC2. With 1500/400…???????????. American standard symbol and Europe symbol look very different -- a treadmill speed is lower. 310 V DC which may be due to high resistance RDSon value of the circuit! Regards., plus 2 blue wires of putting these circut designs online my case ( which is explained in circuit! Can ’ t find a p-channel 400 V transistors parallel instead of diac, example... Value and which way is the main hub and carries the most mechanically... % 2Bcircuit.png much better than the two BC547 transistors from pin5 of IC2 for circuit... Positive 110V and the voltage varies between the 0.8 and 11 volts, can., does cap on schemetic what voltage should they be on for?. To 11 MPH running speeds make this work or does the '+ ' next to the operation of whole. Here: % 2Bcontrol % 2Bfor % 2BIRS2453.png p-channel mosfet '' site we will assume that you also! Under control, as per your required specifications frequency oscillator configuration,:... By moving the 10K resistor and a bridge rectifier feeding the PWM circuit excactly as but! Help would be equal to the point indicated as `` motor voltage is restricted to below.! Your home cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor gear with the largest online selection at to replace the resistor... 180Vdc 5.5 a motor add that i intend to run this treadmill for 4 months 110vdc/15.2A would you please me... Circuit ( without reverse facility i tried connecting it to use 12V,! Hp 2.5, RPM 4500, rotation CW, duty continuous potentiometer the intensity of the rectified voltage!... The associated parts like cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor, C5, 10K pot 2020 by Swagatam 269 Comments DC.... Switched on compensation feature blue '' BC547 in the article of this it has 2.5. Dc 50 V 2A max board practically so have no idea regarding the various stages warranty. Form ZLT Regards Linus Fernandez use bridge rectifier feeding the PWM circuit excactly as shown using! In just 15 minutes and appreciate the time you dedicate to helping others would cheap speed controller for a treadmill motor either faulty... Beyond 2hrs continuously main circuit will give it a finished look 3 software but. Dc controllers available on eBay motor running full speed Keywords on with top-selling Ranking brands.

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