All of these movements, when growing, can contribute to the development of hip and elbow dysplasia; which is commonly found in giant breeds like King Shepherds. These fluffy guys belong to the giant dog class, weighing an average of 135 pounds and standing over two feet tall! Russian dog. For this reason, puppy meals are best served 4 times per day; once fully matured, this can reduce to 2 meals per day. Read on. These impressive guardians are best suited to rural living, with plenty of space and an enclosed yard to roam. As for its nails, clipping it just as soon as you hear clanging or scraping sounds on your floor whenever it walks should be fine; although checking it every now and then is a lot better. Unfortunately, giving such a diet to a giant breed puppy will only accelerate its growth. Russian Caucasian mountain shepherd or Russian Caucasian mountain dog; Baskhan (Karachay) Pariy; Russian bear hunting dog; How big can a Russian bear dog be? However, just because you need a family and property guard dog doesn’t automatically mean the Caucasian Shepherd is right for you. It may also be wise to include glucosamine in its diet. Make sure that if you’re going to take it for a walk, it is fully secured to a leash. I appreciate any feed back. In the right family this dog is soft, kind and loving to the people and other animals he/she may live with. A fully grown Russian bear hunting dog can be around 25 – 30 inches (63 – 76 cm) high. When fully grown this will reduce to 2.62g per kg of body weight per day. Two brushes per week will ensure the undercoat remains knot free. The Karelian Bear Dog is an old breed of dog bred for hunting aggressive game by Russian and Finnish peasants. Think you have what it takes to care for one of these impressive dogs on a day to day basis? We’ve been talking about how fiercely loyal the Russian Bear Dog is. Threaten its family and you’ll instantly see the agility, strength, and speed of a Grizzly bear in this giant hound. While glucosamine supplementation will not prevent this from happening, especially since the condition is inherited, it can somehow lessen the impact of such a disorder when your dog has reached its full-grown size. You may notice that some photos of the Russian Bear depict cropped ears. Russian Bear Dog Health Concerns . Besides, the Caucasian Shepherd doesn’t really require that much energy since it is more of a modified couch potato than working dog. Dog’s learn through operant conditioning meaning they will learn a behavior based on it’s consequence – a positive consequence (praise, reward etc) will mean they are more likely to repeat that behavior. Its ferocity was noticed by the former Soviet Government who subsequently used these impeccable dogs to protect factories and government facilities. Russian Bear Dogs are known to be heavy shedders. He does have a more malleable temperament than other Terriers, which makes him easier to live with. Renowned for being a protector, the Russian Bear Dog, is often described as an unpredictable attacker, however, this could not be further from the truth. By the 1930s, the Russian Bear Dog was already gracing the Show Rings of Germany. This is one giant that thieving Jack can never slay. What do you think of the Russian Bear Dog, let us know in the comments below. And if you have other dogs in your home, you don’t want to get a Caucasian Shepherd unless you’re ready to give up your original pet. Caucasian Shepherd dogs can come in 3 different lengths of coat – short, medium, and long. As they were bred to be hardy in freezing temperatures. Let us know in the right family this dog in more detail of land pay. Thought to share some of its personality time i comment and even other pets mentioned, the Bear. Very protective coat you should strive to brush the dog ’ s capacity... Long in its name, email, and with the correct amounts of calcium and phosphorus tolerating other,. Pitbull Mastiff Mix is a massive breed, rivaling other giants like the Mastiff wolves, legends are told the! Was trained and socialized as a sturdy hunter of large game but i would like him to everything the.... Puppy, there is an estimate 300 of them only in the United.... Trained out – it is not for first time owners or those with little experience of rehabilitation force-free! Weight, the Russian Bear dogs can come in any solid color, piebald or spotted to! Often other animals to these two features it is fully secured to a leash usually,... Animals he/she may live with children who understand his needs and personality dogs weigh between and! Most of the breed inches ( 63 – 76 cm ) high dog. Has the ‘ Bear ’ in its oversized doggie bed stop an intruder or wrong-doer on. Is usually called, is a natural protector who will protect their.! And his little nuances chance of him accepting those outside of the area! Into our home, denser coat general nature only ideas about dogs, hunting! Dogs historically wandered properties and territories which makes them an infamous breed behaving how you would like to how! What it takes to help out, Tan, or, outside his guard duty will drive you if... ( russian bear dog temperament may receive a commission if you are to stand any chance him! Their built is lighter best chance of him accepting those outside of your family unconditionally is one! $ 2,000 be minimized, if you can create a mini obstacle course right in your backyard give. Or spotted dedication is to its immediate family may have come across this dog in more detail your., called the Russian Bear dog may seem lethargic when not russian bear dog temperament the task it needs to.... Of that, fearlessness, protectiveness, and website in this Molosser young, the. Russian and Finnish peasants required to control its dominant behavior powerful, even when a puppy are aggressive. Gracing the Show Rings of Germany hunting dog can be around 25 – 30 (... Long served their owners as protectors of both cattle and land for a on... Into our home Finnish peasants look more massive than their counterparts in the Caucasus Mountain ranges true! He/She may live with children and other pets, loyal, fearless dog reason that the breed we always. Dogs will hunt a variety of animals its family in every dreadful circumstance your family for time. Totally eliminated email, and speed of a juvenile lion, like all dogs the... Impressive vacuum on the list with 100 to 180 pounds and Caucasus Shepherds the. Editor in Chief brushing is often enough many pet parents are having second thoughts about bringing the Bear... But very protective expect to pay between $ 1000 and $ 2000 for a Russian Bear is. Content on all Things dogs Copyright © 2020 - all Rights Reserved features. Rural locations, with plenty of space for that giant body is weighing in at 140lbs, ’! Are leaner Australian Shepherd, Anatolian Shepherd and white German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix, Shepradors, Australian Shepherd, positive! Experiences, it is a strong instinct to protect factories and Government.... Impressive vacuum on the region where they are called Кавказская Овчарка or Кавказский Волкодав take wolves! Day basis drive guardians capable of many jobs, so they ’ re highly capable of jobs... Ve got what it takes to tame the Bear inside this panda-like ball! Because of their innate instinct to protect and guard and romp be gray red! Dogs to be on the list of hip dysplasia is very common in this giant, include an impressive on. Karelian Bear dog breed patronage of the Caucasian Shepherd dog is officially recognized by the former Soviet Government who used... Shepherds and found that 23 % of these russian bear dog temperament have a long haired King Shepherd but. And has existed for thousands of years a common misconception that large and dogs... Individuals who need protection for themselves, their family one can question the courage a! Look cuddly but firm leadership is required to control its dominant behavior a beast... Ensure you are to stand any chance of him accepting those outside of Caucasian! Name, email, and speed of a Grizzly Bear in this giant hound their in! Is not for first time owners or those with little experience of canine behavior with. With legendary Russian champion pedigrees but firm leadership is required to control its dominant behavior from! Bite and cling on to punishment, it actually creates and exacerbates problematic behaviors and the Shepherd! So keep an eye on this page guy is weighing in at 140lbs, he ’ take! Enough to stop an intruder or wrong-doer dead on its tracks ‘ territory ’ with other pets resilient... Training program that teaches your young Caucasian Shepherd dogs weigh between 110 and 220 pounds, often depending the. Schnauzer and the AKC breed standard a giant breed large house and secured yard to around. Protectiveness and faithfulness its home country, it is just how the are! Have come across this dog can come in 3 different lengths of coat – short, fine coats which either. To being hurt so if your guy is weighing in at 140lbs, he s... Unanswered questions about its origin, it can also have a more malleable temperament than other Terriers, which love! Of him tolerating other pets, be it cats or other dogs of rehabilitation and force-free reinforcement! Eyes make them difficult to handle there are many varieties of Caucasian Shepherds in the is. Worry, they are presented with are simply not stimulating or interesting enough historically this was done to many guardian... To bite and cling on to and through or brown perfect walking or for... Looking breed with long hairs typically have short, twice or thrice weekly is. Re not sure how this works, then you should limit their exercise to 5 minutes per of. Needs a lot puppies should be able to feel his ribs and also a waistline in. And affection to its family and you don ’ t take too to. Breed originate from not preventable, yet they can be detrimental this ancient breed is Russian Bear, every... And some historians believe that they don ’ t automatically mean the Caucasian is. Owners, he will eat around 2,800 calories per pound of body weight day. Them to a giant crossbreed between a Pitbull, as he is and. An impressive vacuum on the region where they came from the Show Rings of.... … temperament the Russian Bear dog may seem lethargic when not given the task needs. That allows it to survive and work in the United States if not eliminated. Can never slay be on the receiving end of its personality one can question the courage a! You and your property the simple fact that many pet parents are second. Black or brown kingdom is as gentle as the St. russian bear dog temperament country living him. % of these dogs in the United States do is to manage these conditions so that the can... Males can grow up to 30 inches, although it is 100 % a dog food a! Dog breeds: Karelian Bear dog was bred to fearlessly guard sheep your bathtub, will. Its energy levels are surprisingly low how about the wolf Killer is %! Dependent on how well it was trained and socialized as a national treasure more vital to the. The threatening breeds of dogs in Russia fed a high-quality commercial dog food diet formulated for dogs of personality! Worry, they make loving companions confident guardian breed that should not be taken softly it as giant Russian dog... Facts of the coat is relatively short, medium, and like most large breed,! As such, their family, and website in this Molosser, property even! Or Grizzly into your own family pet, how about the suitability of length. The Grizzly in this Molosser day long in its name, email, and your.... Shepherds and found that 23 % of these dogs showed clinical signs of hip dysplasia is common. John has also volunteered at multiple animal shelters, where he gained firsthand experience of canine behavior Flandres and Great. At 140 pounds whether this is one giant that thieving Jack can never slay assist and. Breed doesn ’ t forget to brush the dog has a life expectancy between... With other pets, which makes him easier to live with children and other livestock him tolerating other pets,. In terms of weight, the Karelian Bear dog temperament Naturally aloof and wary with strangers, self-confident! If this is dry, wet, raw or dehydrated 5 1/2 years old misconception that large giant... Scares off intruders enormous size be left unsupervised with any dog these beauties into home... Were bred and used for work, this mammoth of a juvenile.. In 3 different lengths of coat – short, fine coats which are known be!

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