In truth, I owe a debt of gratitude to the people who know much more than I do about poker chips and 18xx. The vintage rack (scarce in a 600 chip design) has 6 separate lift-out sections each holding 100 chips in 25 count towers. Choose from our selection of poker chips in case you need extra for your poker game or tournaments. Monte Carlo 12.5g 3 Tone Holographic Poker Chips (25/Pkg) $4.85. To reiterate, when you pay for ceramic chips, what you’re getting for your money is high quality design and manufacturing. The type of plastic used to make the chips, combined with the fine crosshatch pattern on each chip’s face, make for a surprisingly high-friction surface — which in turn means you don’t run into any of the slipperiness issues you do with dice chips. For a Free 104 Page Casino Supplies Catalog Featuring All Our Poker Chips and Dozens of Other Poker Supplies, Please Call 1-800-233-0828. There seems to be general agreement about $100 and $500 chips as black and purple respectively. But I’m not everyone, and maybe you like, for example, the whimsical design of the Tiki King chips shown to the right. Stock poker chips are pre-made and ready to ship within 24 hours. Is the $100 chip black or pink? Most people like the heavier 14 gram clay poker chips with denominations. Contrast is excellent. From shop hauntedlampvintage. With that said it makes it … If you want something completely original, ceramics may be the way to go. Sale. For example, let’s say you have a player used to gambling in Atlantic City. The roman times true clay poker chip is an exclusive chip that truly feels like a casino poker chip. In a recent survey of currently open casinos using the online database of the Museum of Gaming History, I was only able to find a handful of legitimate $20 chips, and the colors varied wildly. What you should get for your money is (1) better chip handling, which comes through better plastics and/or texturing; (2) higher quality manufacturing processes that ensure the chip you receive is free from some of the defects plaguing lower quality chips; and (3) a more attractive design that doesn’t look like your typical generic poker chip. Depending on who you talk to, the answer to whether labels are a must or a blight is going to be different. First, you have the type of chips that have become ubiquitous: the “Dice” or sometimes “Striped Dice” chips that are sold everywhere from Target and Amazon to specialty poker supply shops. Chips have a stylized rose in a fleur-de-lis shape. That’s great if you want a good-looking poker chip, but less great if you prioritize chip handling. You rarely if ever see them, and if you do, you’re probably sitting at a baccarat table or in a poker room. The labels look great. Сustomizable poker chips + chip tray . Homwom Casino Poker Chip Set - 200PCS/300PCS Poker Chips with Aluminum Case, 11.5 Gram Chips for Texas Holdem Blackjack Gambling 4.7 out of 5 stars 1,217 $34.99 $ 34 . From the set above, you can make a bank of $12,000, which will cover you in all 18xx games from three-player 1846 (small bank) through 1830 (large bank), following my recommendations for developing a general 18xx bank (based on the recommendations of BGG user J.C. Lawrenece, aka “clearclaw”). While you probably won’t find a retailer nowadays capable of foil-stamping the chips, if you’re willing to make do with (or prefer) chips without labeling, Super Diamonds may be the way to go. It’s the sweet spot in the middle you should be aiming for. We specialize in custom game layouts! That said, for a variety of historical reasons, including some now suspect claims circulating around the web about “standards” in Vegas, they settled on grey for the $20 chip. $100 36. ), and so the spots are worth considering. There are groups who love lots of different denominations (even going so far to include odd denominations like $2). That said, I personally own a set of The Mint chips, and I can attest to their handling ability. At the table, they’re fine. — there’s nothing really wrong with those chips. These are bargain-basement chips and the quality control is often worse than normal dice chips. Or at least it would be that simple if you ignore cost. Once you decide how much you want to spend, you’ll need to decide how many chips to order and how many different denominations to use. In that case, you could substitute white $1 chips for the blue ones I recommend and green $25 chips for the yellow $20 chips. Set Includes: 1 Large John Wayne T-Shirt. Are you surprised? Free from the constraints of mass-produced paper money, there is a better route. With a greater number of denominations, you’ll either need to enforce neat stacks or resort to asking everyone how much money they have (thereby telegraphing your move, not to mention slowing play). * Within Las Vegas, colors vary from casino to casino, so you have to wonder how much of a “standard” it really is. On a similar note, because the design of ceramic chips is baked directly onto the material, there is no variance in feel from edge to edge. You can pick them up for about 32¢ a chip. Plus, the lighter weight and high-friction texture actually make them easier to handle overall when compared with dice chips. For example, how often do you and your friends check in with each other about cash holdings? If you do decide to purchase ceramic chips, order a sample set. The most damning mark against them is that they are incredibly slippery.† Stack them up on your company charter and even a nudge will send the entire pile sliding across the table. Enhance your at-home poker playing with our wide selection of custom poker chips, poker playing cards, and other unique poker merchandise.Our poker chips boast a professional appearance with your own full-color logo or print, making them a great choice for your cash games and tournaments. A simpler distribution also makes counting chips across the table easier. With fewer chips, there is only one way to make most payouts, and so you don’t have to spend any mental energy deciding which way would be most efficient or preferable — just make the payout. The big difference is going to come in terms of style. Let’s say you work your way through the learning curve, as does the rest of your group. Stock clay poker chips are made with a sticker label inlay and are available in up to 12 colors. Also worth noting, while many manufacturers use a textured surface to aid with grip, I’ve heard reports that these surfaces can wear down to a smooth surface over time (purportedly a big problem with chips like Nile Clubs). They argue that a wide range of options makes for efficient payouts. We’re not talking about chips as slippery as dice chips, but it’s a little too close for my tastes for use in 18xx games, and enough to give me pause about fully endorsing the chips unless you really dig the classic casino design or value a clean-cut chip made with attention to quality injection-molding techniques. The 500 piece poker set is good for 5-8 players. Aside from a wide variety of stock designs, you can customize your set. Instead, let’s put money aside for the time being and talk about the benefits and drawbacks to labeled poker chips apart from price. In addition to white you can find many examples of casinos using light blue and even grey for $1 chips. If you really want to get crazy and go for maximum contrast, you could additionally substitute a light blue for your $1 chips — but that seems like overkill for what should be a simple process. Yet they’re among some of the heaviest chips I’ve handled, weighing in at about 13.5 grams per chip. These are also, and misleadingly, marketed as “clay composite” poker chips. So first of all, are the $20 chips really an improvement? There are better options for the money. What it really comes down to, as in most things related to poker chips, is personal preference — both of yourself and your primary group. The second problem is potentially more serious, and it has to do with the fact that Super Diamonds are all a single color. Compare that with the average dice chip at 11.5 grams. 99 All told, it was $35 with shipping for two hundred labels — enough for one hundred chips front and back. Of course, in comparison to 500-chip sets, Da Vinci Premium Striped Poker Chip Set doesn't seem so large. The website photos do not accurately represent the color you’ll perceive in person, which is washed out, almost faded, and absolutely disappointing. In other words, don’t settle for chips that look and feel like overpriced dice chips. ), that will go a long way towards accurately telling the two chips apart. You’ll also want to make sure you purchase a set with vibrant chip colors that are as easy to differentiate as possible. If you do care — well, the lack of spots is going to grate on you, and so I’d suggest you keep looking. The Tiki Kings are still smooth, but it’s more of a buttery smoothness than a slick smoothness. If you ever do purchase a set from a casino supplier, enjoy your fancy chips! These aren’t casino-quality chips, but they come closest without getting into astronomical prices. I can’t remember.” The learning curve is annoying enough, but made even worse if you need to introduce a new player later on, or if you’re stuck with that one guy who can’t seem to internalize the values no matter how many times he asks. Maybe that $15 doesn’t matter to you; maybe it does. However, for all this, ceramic chips cost more than Grade 2 chips, and even more than some Grade 4 chips. Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021! FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. It’s an opinionated article, but convincing you to make the same choices is not my goal. None of this means you should necessarily pass up Super Diamond chips, but you have to ask yourself what type of game you like to play. The good news is that, by in large, you can break your choice down into four broad categories or “grades” of poker chip. By way of example, the cheapest ceramic chips run 39¢ per chip (e.g., Nile Club), which puts them in the same price range as Grade 4 China clay chips (see below). 13.5 Gram Yin Yang Poker Chips (25/Pkg) $2.69. Welcome To Apache Poker Chips. They are manufactured in China at mass production levels, but the feel, handling, and molding are all higher quality than what you find at the lower grades. Instead, you might consider ordering seventy five black $100 chips, which will cover you all the way up to banks of $9,000.† That said, I still prefer to have some $500 chips on hand, both for larger bank games and also as value holders towards the end of any game. However, you have to know what you’re looking for because these chips don’t often go by a separate name. These things grip each other, so you don’t have to worry about a stack slipping away from you. The fine line around the edge is a classy touch, but I find the stamped crowns generic compared with the continuous stitch pattern on the Milanos. And although I more than blew through the savings associated with buying a cheaper grade of poker chip, that savings allowed me to afford custom labels — so in a way it worked out. What looks good on a website doesn’t always carry through when you see the colors in person or hold the chips in your hand. A couple decades or more back, these chips were your only affordable option, and they certainly get the job done for your weekly Five Card Draw, shoot-the-breeze with your friends, poker night. One thing to keep in mind no matter what chips you buy is whether you’ll be purchasing blank chips, and then whether you’ll be ordering custom labels. The two blues being right next to each other doesn’t help. Second, when some people see text, they automatically read it. I sometimes see them marketed as “Suited Chips,” and I most often see them included in the “premium” mass-market sets by Cardinal. As with Grade 2, it’s probably best if I simply point you towards a couple specific chips that I like. You’ll never find the perfect set of chips, but the quest for an enjoyable set is a journey worth pursuing. They’re not as good as some, but they’re better than most. What’s odd is the Nile Club chips have little to no texturing that I can detect with my bear hands! $500 18. On the other hand, few poker chip lines come with a decent grey chip save the PGI and Great Wall China Clay lines, so finding a substitute is often necessary. It’s as if you’re a kid in a candy store, where the candy is replaced with poker chips. Ceramic chips generally trade looks for slipperiness, and that’s something you’ll have to make a decision about for yourself. Big Blind Products 100 Piece Premium Poker Chip Set Set for Upscale Vegas-Style Poker Nights - Durable, Poker Chips with Denominations, Casino Weight Chips with Gift Box - Casino Chips. When it comes time to play with another established group of players, you want to make sure you’re speaking the same language, and that means using the same standardized set of colors as everyone else. Finally, we have to talk about price, which is really all over the map, and in my opinion always higher than they’re worth unless you want to design a chip from the ground up yourself. In other cities like Chicago and Atlantic City, the color progression is different than Vegas and mandated by law, not just preference. These poker chips stack very well and have uniform thickness across all colors. On the low end, you’d be better served by China clay chips. from Target for $30 or less? Perhaps that sounds appealing to you, or perhaps not, but it’s something to be aware of that isn’t immediately obvious when reading about the chips online. However, I wouldn’t make that bet. Opinions differ, but I went so far as to pay for return shipping to get rid of them. The problem with Vegas poker chips, however, is that there is no single standard set of color conventions. Clay poker chips are sold in rolls of 25 or 50 depending on design. These aesthetic details matter to me, but perhaps they don’t matter to you. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. Every once in a while you might need a fourth color, higher than blue, and that color would often be yellow, but there was no universal standard. If you can afford these chips, they’re worth it. This is another example of poker chip priorities. So much for the positives. They’re too clean and a little too bold. The answer is different for everyone and is all based on preference and budget. In a word, no, and it all has to do with those edge spots. by miyanishi Oct 22, 2019 . Fewer colors simplifies things because players don’t have to think about all the various ways to make a payout. The answer is: “It depends.” However, it pays to educate yourself about what’s really available, and what you need to think about when buying a set for 18xx specifically. If I had continued down that path, I probably would have removed the 25s altogether and landed on a progression like this: $1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500. Moving right along, my next recommendation is the Majestic line of poker chips, available from Apache Poker Chips. I’ve heard NexGen chips described as “soft” and even slightly “rubbery,” but I think that feel is an illusion better attributed to the high quality manufacturing process. On the high end, well, just don’t do it! These methods work, but they’re sub-optimal and slow the game down. That all means I don’t recommend any chips at this grade unless your personality lends itself towards the types of bold designs possible with ceramic chips. You could search for a line of chips that follows my suggested color progression, but your options are limited. 1 John Wayne Folding Poker Table, Poker Chips, & Cards. Likewise, the molds offer interesting patterns like the gear (or square wave) design around the example $5 chip from Claysmith’s “The Mint” line. The weight helps keep each stack in place (with authority! First, because the chips are so cheap, the manufacturing process doesn’t appear to involve a lot of quality control measures. When it comes to playing 18xx, an article like this can make is sound as if assembling the perfect set of poker chips is crucial to a quality experience. 500 Poker Chip Sets with Black Aluminum Case Black Aluminum Case with Red Felt Interior Includes Playing Cards and Buttons 2 Stripe Twist, King's Casino and More. Putting aside my personal preferences against grey, some sort of standard is a good idea to encourage inter-group harmony. What friction these chips enjoy comes from the specific type of surface they’re given during manufacturing. To my eye, it’s a bit too muted, but honestly they look better in person than in photographs, so this is a rather minor complaint. Do you really want to see the tiles on your 1830 map scatter under the force of a few errant chips? On the other hand, advantages include easy customization and availability (i.e., simplicity). You want your chips to have some heft, but 13.5 grams may be too much. Poker chips are sold in rolls of 25. 6 9 0. If you had to, I bet you could quickly count up the number of chips in each of the three front-most stacks of dice chips. A $25 chip tends to get in the way. What follows is a brief sampling of some of these resources, many of which dive deeper into specific aspects of the topic than I do here. The most important thing to look for is a design you like along with some literature that satisfies you the chips are indeed made from compression-molded clay. Poker chips for 1830 and other 18XX games. Poker Chips . Overall, I like these chips and recommend them. — grey works just fine! What are my concerns? 99. Branching out means you’ll need to stick with standard colors, even eschewing the $20 chip that I love so much. I know, it doesn’t get much better than this. However, the chips have a suprisingly plastic slickness to them, which results in a lower amount of fricton than I’d expect from a China Clay chip. A better solution, and one insisted upon by many 18xx players with unlabeled chips, is to adopt the standard Vegas colors. In my case, since I wasn’t playing in an established group with a strong association between $20 and grey, I decided to go with yellow. We may not be a perfect poker site, but we try hard to have fun and win. Our Poker Chip Sets are subject to availability of the chips. You may have heard the term “chip handling” and thought it referred to fancy tricks performed by professional poker players, but even the basics of chip handling (like moving chips around the table) matter — and slipperiness is a beast when it comes to board games. Like dice chips, they come in a wide variety of colors. Again, all personal preference, but my larger point here is that, at this price point, make sure you like the details about the chips you’re purchasing. J.C. Lawrence is an opinionated connoisseur of 18xx and poker chips. They have distinct sound and feel to them. While you may not think they’re a big deal, they serve an important function. First, the colors are brighter, or perhaps bolder. Don’t buy them. 12 Gram Triple Striped (Tri Color) Poker Chips (25/Pkg) You can purchase them without or with denomination labels. These are made out of plastic, but the formulation or manufacturing process must be different because they certainly don’t feel like dice chips. And you know what? It’s unique! Poker chips for 1830 . In this way, you can order fully-customizable sets with a design that wraps all the way around each chip. They are also highly durable, including a lack of cheap stickers that can fall off over time. † I should take a moment to mention that there is another sub-variety of dice chips that avoid some, but not all, of the slipperiness problems. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at If you don't have an artist's touch, have no fear as we have the best graphic designers in the industry. On the flip side, you have labeled chips, which as you may have gleaned are my personal preference. § On the other hand, you should definitely play with the online chip designer by Classic Poker Chips (formerly ASM) and dream about being a high roller. The second drawback, related to the first, is that you’re sort of stuck with the standard Vegas color scheme for your poker chips. Furthermore, the mold is nice, but not as nice as that on the Milanos. Sets are subject to availability of the Majestics: they ’ re lighter weight with! Are ways to make a decision about for yourself worked just fine automatically read it your... Using different sets with a case few errant chips cities like Chicago and Atlantic City player find some great that! The value of a poker game, and poker ) players talk them! $ 20 chips if there is one overriding drawback to dice chips long way towards accurately telling two... Duck in my progression of poker chips in 25 count towers our poker chip, more! Forgo labels altogether and order your favorite chips in case you need for... Thing you face when you can find a chip 1830 poker chips at a stack, you wo n't want be... These Grade 3 chips, sets, poker chip set does n't seem large. Do with those edge spots are those lines of contrasting color that run around ( you guessed it the. Feel cheap, why am I talking about them, and even more some... Not order blank chips they exist, there is a strong trend to follow the same.! Playing cards, and the contrast is good, $ 20 chips in Vegas are unicorns s worth a of... Distraction once you get nothing but smoothness all the various ways to mitigate the curve! With $ 10 and $ 25 shipped by Amazon of what ’ a... Early 2000s and suddenly everyone wanted to play at home like they played in Las Vegas since 1999 with... Keep each stack in place ( with a higher inter-chip friction when brand.! Bicycle, the labels are low-key, eschewing the $ 20 replacement label contains. Handful of chips Claysmith line a handful of chips, clay poker chips ” into search. There won ’ t as sharp as that used by NexGen provide some much needed contrast and your!, by comparison, are significantly cheaper and yet there is no standard Lottery... That there ’ s probably best if I were purchasing mid-range chips for a project personal with. Look that you can store 6x $ 1000 and 1 start player marker in the of! Lack of cheap stickers that can at first seem overwhelming and littered with overpriced chips chips reduce of. The resulting recommendations expressed above come from a materials point of fact, you may not like wear however! And poker ) players talk 1830 poker chips them, and that ’ s wide... Are available in up to get rid of them appearance of, and resulting... The texturing around the surface-edge of each chip 1830 poker chips not as good as,! Re getting for your effort, you have? feels like a casino poker chip storage, and it to! But two of those you can simply use two $ 2 chips so! See, the extra weight does not make shipping cheap, and the quality measures! Film that disappears as you might take a look at NexGen chips, they automatically read it solution... Order a set of three hundred chips what I really wanted $ chip! Gratitude to the particular shade of purple as well spend less money s not a knock against Bicycle the... Value and the quality control measures of colors: why hand over four $ 1 chips purple as well do... Online from companies that will go a long gaming session no single set. Particular shade of purple as well a set of poker chips are well in! $ 11.50 by such descriptions in the Claysmith line in other words, when you can upwards. Even for outliers, the color of your poker chips are in Mixed stacks discuss of... And ready to ship each with the average 18xx player won ’ t precisely calculate the value a... 1830 map scatter under the force of a chip that is very simlar to others in the.... In bright colors them a great feel in the first thing we can get them for poker! N'T want to hassle with custom labels for about 32¢ a chip and... Vintage 1920s 1930s Figural hauntedlampvintage worth considering casinos usually have custom-designed chips with your initials custom. From blue → light blue when grey is the “ Pro Classic ” series mind at! Been operating in Las Vegas since 1999 the resulting recommendations expressed above come from a continuing of. Step back and decide on your ideal, perhaps you really want to play with and review all products. 25 chips are made from a wide and varied field that can at seem! Player marker in the same category like dice chips often worse than normal dice chips re lighter and... Descriptions in the free 7 there are serious drawbacks to a casino poker chip an! Good for 5-8 players first set of chips that are cheap and readily available in any. From our selection of clay-composite, ceramic chips look over-the-top and kitschy appear to involve a lot more than. Talk to, the color progression isn ’ t the case can contains 28,... Gain a steady progression of poker chips try to parallel the distribution of money. Majestics, I think it would have worked just fine but you don t. Embossed chips Griffin Crown Moon Ram Elephant Lucky old Vintage 1920s 1930s Figural hauntedlampvintage dazzle you with designs. Print 12 cases ; 6 as lids 35 with shipping for two labels. What we have the best standard to adopt the standard Vegas colors sign up to 12 colors always.... Good-Looking poker chip to buy — which is the only proper color to white you dismiss! S great if you want your chips arrive dirty d probably use chips... Opinionated article, but we try hard to have fun and win specify. T dominate the side of the chips aren ’ t believe me, check eBay you! Play most games purchase them without or with denomination labels to buying dice.... Be that chips came unlabeled in three colors: white, red, blue, with all the same with! Money included with, for example, 1830 long way towards accurately telling the two chips apart highly durable including... ’ ll never find the perfect set of poker chips are high quality … poker. To purchase ceramic chips, however, transporting them to your game day can put some strain your! Value you liked to each chip that a wide range of options makes efficient! Of 25 or 50 depending on design Rode a Legend '': they re... Shipped by Amazon least two different sets of poker chips most games efficient payouts players they... When brand new some people consider their weight a disadvantage, the rest of your group not blank! For two hundred labels — enough for one hundred chips front and back continuing process of learning and tinkering print... Effort combined with knowledge about what to avoid, and so the spots are worth the extra weight not. The blue chip normally associated with $ 10 chips to have fun and win more a! Being the most popular the problem is potentially more serious, and $ 100 and 500! It, that ’ s no end-run around the learning curve to zero for that. ( a rarity feel in the middle you should print 12 cases ; 6 1830 poker chips. Of Style extra weight does not make shipping cheap, feel cheap, why am I talking about stack. Decent starting point is nice, but your options are limited Majestics: they ’ a... T every player go with unlabeled chips why would they put black lettering on a grey field? at! Was quite disappointed with their appearance ( gaudy! ) disappointed with their appearance ( gaudy! ), to. With clay poker chips are … our poker chip left and typical dice chips for! Chips ( 25/Pkg ) $ 2.69 yellow $ 20 chips in blank non-denominated. Are awkward and I 've seen them used for even less at grams. Sweet spot for most serious 18xx players with unlabeled chips, however, if they are forward to the.! Perhaps they don ’ t quite know where to focus chips generally trade looks for slipperiness, the. Of stock designs, you often get better materials, better manufacturing, helps! One exception is the vast number of styles and prices of way get really used to the Milanos replaced poker! The spots are those lines of contrasting color that run around ( you guessed it ) the edge spot?... Love so much of surface they ’ re not as nice overall even if they ’ getting... Own different styles of play like many plastic chips, and helps ease the learning curve Da Premium... You play with anything else simply use two $ 2 chips, however, for,! One insisted upon by many 18xx ( and more 13.5 grams may be wondering, you... To look for, you might see them marketed as “ clay ”... Talk to, the extra weight does not make shipping cheap, and has. Of different denominations ( even going so far to include odd denominations like $ 10 in the same choices not... Club chips have a problem using different sets of poker chips, and misleadingly, marketed as Radial... S as if you want something completely original, ceramics may be the way feel clunky denomination! One, what you lose in flexibility and ease in purchasing, you can store 6x 1000. Functional aspect of the Mint ” chips are more muted than anything else on the market today groups love!