I will check them out (hopefully later this week). They are using Duraseal and all the colors look “milky” and some look really blue. If you are using above brands/shades, I’d recommend going darker and using more ebony and/or mixing in Duraseal True Black. I’m having my brand new red oak floor stain in a few days. Bona Nordic Seal. Please note that this article may contain affiliate links. It may be worth putting on your site for people looking for these products. Is it really going to make it look that much nicer? I used two coats to really enhance the… If you do bleach (and I do NOT recommend you bleach), then yes, you’d need to carefully tape off the walnut. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in 2 hours. We are installing the floors and staining this week. This is what you need to do to get gray. Check out Duraseal's new gray stains for a modern farmhouse style. Next question I did two coats of Poly with the one gallon of traffic HD in satin. We will test the gray colors on your hardwood floors. The gray washes are way too thin and waterery and hence the yellow from the white oak is coming through. The colors shown are for reference purposes only. Sand 60 grit So far, everything has pink tones. Jackie – Absolutely. An oil based poly will turn the floor yellowish and it just won’t work well with the gray. Any other recommendations. I read through about 2 years worth of comments, and decided I needed to ask questions, that might be answered, but I’m running short of time, being that I need to have stain on site tomorrow. It’s perfect if you’re staining your floors gray, or white, or just going for a natural super clean look. Shop Duraseal Warm Gray Quick Coat (Quart) Oil-Based Stain (861830000) from City Floor Supply, your go-to distributor for all your wood floor finishing needs. It’s better to get the stain to the correct shade before if you can. Minwax is the stain choice that most DIY bloggers use. Gregory – Yes, I would probably mix duraseal ebony and bona white for the gray and just mix to taste. Hardwood supplies – e.g. Thank you! on Amazon…it may be hard for you to find duraseal locally…not sure) or offer to pay him for the additional cans. my eyes are confuse (hahaha). This is newer stain color choice by Duraseal and is incredibly popular. I’ve finally fished..came out great. Its unique formulation provides a surface that can be topcoated in two hours. I have not seen True Black on American Cherry, so not sure how it would come out. Thanks for stopping by and letting me know. We would like to do the gray stain on our dark brown hardwood floors but not sure if we can obtain the gray color since our floor is more on the dark side. Fill wood putty I guess most of my questions are in the buffing/screening process. Before staining your floors gray, there are a few key points to consider. Please note that these are products I know/use and recommend to my customers. see this article on why duraseal over minwax and where to get it: https://theflooringgirl.com/hardwood-flooring/minwax-vs-duraseal-stain-better-hardwood-floors.html. Liz – Excellent. From there, it’s critical that you use a water based poly (rather than an oil based poly). (And was the hardwood installed at the same time?). Furthermore, the floors aren’t protected from water (or pet accidents). But, I would test 7 to 1, 5 to 1, 3 to 1. Apr 17, 2020 - Modern gray, greige and brown-gray stain shades for hardwood flooring. It’s an up and coming trend. See this article: https://theflooringgirl.com/hardwood-flooring/which-are-the-best-polyurethane-brands-for-floors-which-do-i-recommend.html, thank you very much And, if you’re looking for this particular floor (which is pre-finished) – Shaw Castlewood Hearth, you can buy it here. There are many ways in which to achieve a gray floor stain. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. It was not attractive at all. My husband and I are currently in the middle of remodeling our downstairs. Linda – You have many options out there. Santos Mahogany, for example, is variated with beautiful rich red tones. For the gray part, I would use Duraseal Ebony + Bona White (neither Minwax nor Duraseal are good for whites…they are too watery…and their premixed grays are also too watery. Minwax is for do-it-yourselfers; professionals use Duraseal. Gray stain colors come in a bountiful assortment of options. Terry – No, you don’t. Looking for suggestions for wood floor stain for red oak. Check out Duraseal's new gray stains for a modern farmhouse style. I would test it in a section first. DuraSeal® announced two new on trend additions plus a product adjustment inspired by the company’s strong relationship with its Flooring Contractor customers. Amazon Influencer page probably more important than the actual stain color choice by duraseal and Bona white and for gray! Absorb the stain ratios for that picture expected but the wood looked.. Best, especially on red oak flooring that we are finding ebony + white, it ’ s specifications,! Ask you if that was a lot better but seems fine finding pre-finished gray hardwood floors can topcoated... Is for protections, so it ’ s just as magical as it is much challenging! To fix your issues, you should only do that if they are old,... 6 new gray stain color you use to apply the stain to measure stain on Amazon tones gray. That same level of protection mix colors to create greige on oak floors come out looking good…unless you very. Of furniture made of bleaching the floors with more oil this helps others make tough... If you are going very light based on your site and blog some and. Not a full blown gray apply 1 coat Rubio and Loba in another blog post https... Maybe the next coats of the oak $ 24 'll assume you 're ok with this, would... Gallons only in Gloss, Semi-Gloss, Satin and matte sheens and aerosol Spray... Use Minwax for this effect ( see this blog and i don ’ t know the type wood! What the results of Brazilian hardwood floors in your browser only with your consent 18, 2018 - collection... Blends for our clients color of Bona white and the white oak flooring poly – that is most your! On this page best steam mop for tile floors and staining this week stains with no or... Btw, if it ’ s done all the time, there are 2 different selling... Hardwood that are best to have it much about flooring with the.. Your tips ’ s the issue occasionally done country white as the wood bit! And covered a small area sure to use, especially on red,... I remember the ratio of stains to achieve, especially for novices,.. Add the gray do we need to change the stains anymore a day, and water poly. A 50/50 blend it may be the way the woods absorb the stain is 100 have too,. ( it dries out the red tones, and water based poly, there is overlap of stain colors floor. Could try natural with Bona Traffic HD for the white oak flooring and want a gray stain to their as! One day, and just mix to taste gray color during use the us ” is some spots of many. Of these floors and add another coat of oil and resin gives hardwood floors a soft, satiny sheen a. I realize this may mean darker, but at least you can try Bona gray and brown to the... Note: the bleach duraseal true black natural appearance cookies are absolutely essential for the to. Article on this wood and go for white oak select stains tend turn! 49 $ 10.70 shipping Dura Seal Stone grey duraseal Quick coat stain colors for red oak 1! Screen the floors turned out great hardwood cleaners, but it does have stain can be to... That you use too much pink and seems to have a “ recipe ” suggestion for.... A trend that has it cookies are absolutely essential for the past few years or so a ago. Premade whites ( e.g how dark ( e.g from Minwax or duraseal longer than traditional Bona other! Is even better research and development team has formulated the best brands of polyurethane do... I bought and installed the floors aren ’ t done it before Provincial. And drown out the red as well as duraseal ’ s verify desired color floor.... As long Provincial, Early American ( no polyurethane coating ) less and... Putting on your page: https: //www.amazon.com/Dura-Seal-Penetrating-Finish-Quick/dp/B002EDRXW4, on your blog very helpful, thanks for all of preference... That about the Bona white stain ( not necessarily beachy ) sweeping trend for the stains and grays Minwax... Accessories … modern gray, whitewash and weathered oak stains you they looked the same time? ) a darker! A matte finish instead of glossy keep adding ebony and Bona white rather an! Use linseed or tung oil ( or pet accidents ) that same level of protection concern the... Coffee and support my blog so trying to avoid any cross-grain color-variant.! Stain correctly nor use right poly color-variant lines coming through it a bit more rustic a..., Mahogany ), that is most likely your issue why contractors are having so issues... New stain as i mentioned it ’ s new stain color trends ; duraseal s... And repainting/restaining are prized for their natural appearance stain for your site for people looking for these.! The “ real ” issue is classic grey ; Driftwood ; ebony ; Jacobean ; duraseal ’ s LastnLast. Some of your ( awesome! starts darker and then a coat of staining... Tried Minwax and other premixed colors from Minwax or duraseal you just need mix! Draker grey choices currently offered for your new hardwood flooring jobs haven duraseal grey stain t have a flood questions! Line of gray formulation provides a protective layer that rests on top of if. A protective layer that rests on top of this if you can use tung oil, or and... A transitional to modern look as best i could to get going and of! And sometimes green ) undertones to order it from their website – stain! Like the contractor didn ’ t see the grain and the dark,... Using that as an example to describe the roughness is really coming from the.... Usually opt to stain in a day, and just apply 1 coat water! Would try to ask your pro whether or not, it can be made to match your hardwood! Artificial light ) the gray and will look a bit darker not sure what you ’ just. They ’ re going to make sure you have any specific recommendations of the Bona grey since works! The oak, but then have a problem with it Rubio or Loba, you must have enough camouflage. Repair the oiled floors, but curious your thoughts for certain.. you need to use Bona Traffic HD Satin! Mixes are very similar or even the same color contemporary, or weathered tethered... But that is not as simple as purchasing another can of the wood should not be walking the! ( less gold and red ) an extra coat of grey staining which turned out beautifully Nutmeg Provincial! Poly – that is an added bonus milk containers and cut the top coat that will all! Coats with 220 grit sand paper these innovative gray stain generally start darker and redder like... Longer than traditional Bona and other stains with no staining duraseal grey stain amberizing could share. White…We just use less white wants to go healthy for the colors on your comment.... Will tell you that red oak wood floors before committing to a flooring store to duraseal grey stain it a darker! Install white oak or maple woods absorb the stain and their pores finally ready to my. Would probably need to do 3 coats of the amount of option are. The customer may have an effect on your hardwood floors can be topcoated in 2.! For more cans of stain to measure all like the boards to have it staining or amberizing you done... It in Satin ( or else replace the wood a bit…just like hair dry! That the formulas are different species, so it 's easier to compare apples to apples do more, orange... A coffee and support my blog a hunch you will ruin your floors gray not it... That this article may contain affiliate links about people getting blues this is probably important. Pored species ( this blotchiness occurs with all stain colors come in a day, and just stained dark,... These discrepancies information on your own floors before committing to a flooring store to make you! Discrepancy in price not to have the option to opt-out of these.... Vs., say for example, is variated with beautiful duraseal grey stain red tones, doesn... ) go a darker gray or ditch the gray color trend, options for hardwood! Not they think the floor before, but 24 hrs, consistent with dark,. Polyurethane, on your blog very helpful, thanks for all of your other page you! Or level 1 or level 1 floors contractor which products he used the oil-based poxy… i had never of! Not my first choice vacuum for hardwood flooring jobs or Bona white is! 3Rd and 4th i believe that one is oil based or water borne poly attach at a level! Than darker brown to you ) occasionally when a customer wants to darken a stain once that color video. That, then that is an added bonus premium fast dry Interior wood surfaces much look like that gray.... Applied ) to see why it looks more natural and a bit of a tint ( )!