Our first guest said it was great!! Boxes were even labeled. Me and my partner both love it ! Delivery was effortless, and packaging inside the boxes made unpacking and setup very easy. I bought the medium firmness king size mattress and it is the perfect firmness for me. The sales-people at Latex Mattresses Australia were very knowledgeable and helpful and I was glad to buy a quality latex mattress not made with latex contaminated by chemicals. This firmness level makes the Avocado latex mattress ideal for active couples, back or stomach sleepers. We've only been sleeping on it a few weeks but the early results are excellent. Comfortable mattress. Fast forward 3 1/2 years there is a 1 1/4 sag in the middle a 1/4 less than warranty level when measured but when you are laying on it its like you are in a trough and can barely roll out. For sleepers who love a hybrid mattress but want an added luxurious feel, Sleep EZ designed the 360 Hybrid Pillowtop Mattress with you in mind. I chose the 7'' firm mattress but in the near future I will add the 3'' topper of medium firmness. Also, the price is reasonable and the Customer Service is fantastic. Read Less, Got a twin size mattress for my daughter and she has been sleeping very well on it! Bottom firm Dunlop, middle medium talalay, top soft talalay. It comes with free sheets, pillows, and mattress cover. What an overpriced rip off that was!. The Hybrid Mattress is an affordable way to be introduced to a latex feel and have the benefits of pocketed coils. I bought the firmest version which is perfect for me. We have been enjoying our new bed. Again, great customer service sent me another soft under warranty. I have now purchased a king, a queen and three pillows from Sleep on Latex and the sleep is the best I have ever had. Their mattress is 8'' thick.Here's what's inside: Layer 1: The cover is quilted and made of New Zealand wool. Apart from natural latex, there are 2 other types of latex is available in the market, Dunlop latex and Talalay latex. Even so, the mattress does not maintain its shape along the edges over time and that requires the 3 pieces to be rearranged fairly often which in turn requires frequent lifting and tugging and the risk of tearing the latex. They offered to let me donate it, but since it’s so heavy I asked that they pick it up. With two different firmness profiles and Greenguard Gold® certification, most customers report happy experiences with Sleep On Latex with rare complaints about feel and longevity. This is our second mattress in the space of 18 months. Now we’ve had the replacement for 4 months and the indentions are forming again so both of our backs are hurting. Latex is a natural material collected from the sap of a rubber tree. Though there are a variety of latex mattresses to choose from, we’ll help narrow down your choices by bringing you a list of the best latex mattresses in Canada. Sine I’ve been on my own I’ve bought 18 mattresses! Read Less. Don't hesitate to make the switch and go with Sleep EZ! . Your never stuck with what you thought you wanted. Best way to understand is to try it! Some Pros: The price! Very comfortable mattress!! Sleeping better already. We replaced old standard king with new twin adjustable bases. Read Less. Get a friend or a gym membership. Last year we added one of the latex toppers. Lots of sleepless nights and pain in the morning. No smell, no defects. My husband loves it too. This is our second latex bed. The new mattress has not solved it. It’s super comfy but we have an infant and need a firmer sleep surface. We are very happy with our purchase so far. The bed is durably made for longevity; It has two firmness options to serve various sleepers; Excellent motion isolation; It is virtually silent; It sleeps cool with the organic cotton cover; Latex Mattress factory comes with a 100-nights free trial period; Cons of the Natural Latex Mattresses. Each sheet is very heavy, very difficult to maneuver and will rip very easily. I was very apprehensive about purchasing a mattress online but so happy now that I went with SleepOnLatex. Really happy I made this purchase. Read Less. Learn more about our affiliate program here. With the nice zippered cover, you don't feel the seam at all. I had hoped it would become more comfortable, but over the last month, I haven't seen any improvement. After 3 months my whife and I adjusted well to this mattress configuration. The 7-inch model is made up of a 6-inch base layer of Dunlop latex underneath a 1-inch layer of wool quilted into the removable mattress cover. Sleep EZ has some big differentiators versus competitors. Bought a queen first time and this purchase was a twin for our son's bed replacing the 12 year old spring mattress and he loves it. I was so glad I decided to order it! They give you 90 days to make sure you have what you want. Now can stay in bed entire night, Comfortable and a great investment. Delightfully firm. Better more relaxing sleep than on any other mattress, hands down. We've been sleeping on it for about a month now. layer: Dunlop Med -Top layer: Talalay soft Plush top isn't soft enough or plush top!? On the day after placing my order, they took the time to call me to confirm my purchase and answer questions I may have. I am enjoying the new 9” king soft-firmness mattress. This review for now is about customer service. It is the natural fire barrier and is combined with cotton to keep you cooler than just wool alone. Thank you for making such a great product! Fantastic mattress! . I get a better night's sleep. We purchased 2 mattresses for a folding platform frame to use for guests. It is soft enough but you are not sinking in it. After a brief adjustment period we love the latex and have customized the split sides of our eastern king. As I said we are used to sleeping on firm mattresses so this felt unusual in the first few days. We added a 2 inch soft topper. With my old mattress (even though it was less than 3 years old) many nights I would have to get up and take pain medication just to sleep. When it comes to your own comfort, your own body is the only North Star. Harvested from rubber trees, latex is more responsive with a slight bounce, which feels somewhat different than many synthetic foams, such as memory foam. The mattress sleeps very cool thanks to a breathable cover, ventilated latex, and an open coil system that promotes consistent airflow. Product arrived on time and as expected. We love this mattress. I researched most of the other latex mattresses available online and decided on Sleep On Latex because of price and the positive reviews. Just got this mattress. Thanks! The mattress comes with all natural latex and cotton / wool blend exterior. This was not comfy enough for my husband's aches and pains, so we are going to add a 3 in down topper in search of a cloud nine rest for him. Pros of the Natural Latex Mattress. It is going away over time, but some people might find it objectionable. Additionally, you can adjust the firmness of the mattress at home by reconfiguring the layers.One note: latex is heavy so if you have mobility problems, you may need help. Also the buying process was A+ and spot on! Offering a gentle, yet stable surface that allows your body to “float” on top of the bed. Took little bit time to unpack it, but no problems with it. In the end, the original layer reappeared and actually arrived a day before the replacement, but even w that happening, they're orchestrating the return. Third the number of years they have been in business and finally the superior customer service we received from Rodger prior to our purchase. and it does have a mild scent from the new zealand sh...Read Moreeep wool cover but it didn't bother me at all. We bought the king size to replace a queen bed. Read Less, I have been on three different “memory foam” type beds in the last 10 years including my last ($5500.00) top of the line Temperpedic. fyi, The latex layers are vacuum sealed so the boxes are smaller than what you would normally think, when you unbox & cut the plastic air rushes in & the layer starts to expand. As has been mentioned in other reviews, there is a smell to the mattress. Like the organic version, you can opt to reconfigure your firmness layers at home, which can provide a dual-sided firmness for partners that don't agree. Firm support with give and healthy materials. The Saatva Latex Hybrid is a luxury mattress that features durable, high-quality materials. The Saatva Latex Hybrid is an exceptionally supportive mattress featuring a durable latex comfort layer and sturdy pocketed coils. As others have pointed out, it would be almost impossible to return the mattress because once it is removed from the vacuum sealed bags that it is delivered in, it is impossible to but it back into the containers. Well, it has been a little over 30 days, and I absolutely love it! PW. The quality is excellent and I'm sleeping very well on...Read More it. After about 3-4 months I started really wishing I had chosen firm. This organic latex mattress has been wonderful ! High responsiveness means that the Saatva does a good job of keeping up with and adapting to your movements throughout the night. The bed's feel is considered medium firm, which rates as a 6 on the 1-10 firmness scale. Why is it special? He took the time to answer all of our questions in detail and that proved to us that this was the place to do business. Because of prior experience with a firmer latex mattress, we purchased a soft mattress. The pros: A lower priced latex-focused mattress with a flippable firmness. It arrived very fast from the time I ordered it and removing it from the box and unrolling it was pretty easy. It is constructed in either two or three layers, depending on the height you choose. We love this mattress.. Great product, company and people. We bought the 9” medium mattress with a soft 3” topper. I received a phonecall after I submitted my online order and was even more impressed with their customer service. It’s a comfy mattress but just doesn’t last. I went with what I knew was a great mattress. It’s a great mattress though mine only is about 8” since the wool and cotton has not yet full expanded. i needed to get my son to help lift it upstairs. Read Less. Easy to get a hold of real people there. i actually kind of like it. They’re definitely a quality operation, and I’m sorry it didn’t work out for me. It is comfortable and just what I was hoping for! I also noticed sagging in the middle of the mattress once it was laid onto my platform bed. I have great sleep at night, no aches or pains. It is a soft (I’m a side sleeper). Also noticed that I didnt wake up with my normal morning stiffness from the pillow top mattress. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. Overall, I'm still undecided. The Latex bed is the fourth bed and the most comfortable so far. A very comfortable mattress. I'm currently contacting Sleep EZ to get the med exchanged for a firm. They are so comfortable that we wouldn't consider any other brand. I have them at home and recently purchased a second set for our winter home. No even amazon does that & no local mattress store cares about you & your mattress once it is out the store door & in your door. It was so well received that I may eventually move the mattress to the master bedroom!! My boyfriend bought this mattress last year because I complaining of having back pains. It's the best bed for my back too. Either way, would certainly order again and already recommend to friends. Latex Mattress Review Overview While a latex mattress might sound weird at first if you aren’t familiar with the material, they can be very comfortable and offer certain benefits not found in other mattresses. At one point there were so many layers that the bed was higher than my waist! When it comes to customer service though - these folks are stellar! We had a very firm serta icomfort that hurt my hips. This mattress is a definite deviation from the norm so the first week was an adjustment getting used to the 'firmness' of the firm option but now I find I am not waking to joint pain in the hip or knees (from the side sleeping position.) I sleep so well on it too. So far we like our new mattresses. However, 100% natural latex is the more expensive option, so you’ll need to consider your budget. Latex mattresses have a reputation for being the most comfortable and supportive for all sleeping positions. We have had the bed for only a few weeks and so far it’s not firm enough for us. With multiple firmness options, most sleepers describe comfy night's sleep on their Sleep On Latex mattresses with rare disagreements on longevity in some cases.For those looking for alternatives, take a look at our list of top latex mattresses. Love the 100 day trial! Purchased box and mattresses. The first several weeks, I wasn't sure, but remembered that the instructions said to sleep on it for 30 days before suggesting any changes. I have bought two latex toppers. This mattress system is truly amazingly comfortable. We'll go through their adult mattresses in depth below talking about the ins and outs of the features to help you figure out which one is right for you or your family. I have been extremely pleased with my purchase. Overall, I am very happy. We also ordered 4 deluxe pillows, which we are not as happy with. I have been looking around at mattress options for about three years, and finally the time was right to buy one. The folks at Sleep Ez were very helpful and quick to answer any questions I had. Read Less, Great customer service and the mattress seems like really high quality, I was looking at a Metta and another higher end mattress, but found this brand on Amazon which was at a lot better price than the Metta and the Pure Green brand had a lot of great reviews. I may get a topper to soften the experience a little. We purchased the firm latex mattress. But other then that its PERFECT! Organic Wool – acts as a soft, comfortable layer near the surface of the mattress. Compare mattress prices and types. They were competitive on price and the product was delivered quickly and efficiently. I much prefer the feeling of the latex mattress to memory foam, and I like that it's cooler than foam mattresses. Low risk with their excellent return policy and great customer service. Other pros: it did not stink of chemicals when it arrived and was pretty easy to unwrap. Love it! I have a king split mattress that is so comfortable. SleepEZ to the rescue! I disagree, I think the medium is appropriately categorized and thus we are returning for a firm. I will continue the trial and see. Also, more comfortable than many other conventional matresses. It is a really amazing experience to sleep on this mattress. Before I would have a few minutes before falling asleep, now I am out almost immediately. We chose Sleep EZ due to several factors. After the initial 30 day sleep period, the foam was still hard as a rock. This organic talalay latex mattress gives the best nights sleep you’ve ever had. As someone who had no problems sleeping on my 20-year old mattress, I can attest this is incomparable and that I sleep even better. Oh, I also noticed that the animal smell as calmed down a lot, needing to place my nose close to mattress to detect. Stands up to all the claims made by it's inventor ! I have no pain. It is also a heavy mattress. I covered it with ...Read Moresilk/cotton blend upholstery. Sleep On Latex’s Pure Green Natural Latex Mattress is a – you guessed it – latex mattress, available in two different heights and three different firmness settings.. !! Very fast delivery, very happy with the mattress. The mattress is very comfortable. Latex mattresses are good for temperature control The Pure Green Natural Latex mattress is Sleep On Latex’s eco-friendly mattress made from natural latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. -Mid. Shipping was fast, and the assembly was no big deal. I also got full bedding and several pillows made of the same awesome latex. Also, the only smell when you open it is wool, a little bit like a barn, but soooo much better than a toxic chemical smell. Blending latex dilutes the natural latex, reducing the buoyancy of the mattress and making it less comfortable. I have ordered a medium mattress that is perfect - not too firm, not too soft, and a 2-inch soft topper which we all find a little too soft. Coils have the added benefit of breathability and minimizing motion transfer. Recently purchased a mattress topper with cotton cover and wooden platform for my kid's beds. The mattress itself is sooooo comfortable. I finally decided on the organic latex. I also sleep so much better knowing there are no chemical flame retardants and other harmful VOCs in this mattress. Thank you! I am chemically sensitive (but not allergic to latex). We're well pleased with our purchase! I was expecting to have an adjustment period but I instead the pain I was experiencing with my old mattress immediately went away. This is a great product & company. Latex mattresses are either made of 100% natural latex, or of a blend of natural and synthetic latex. After meticulous research on mattresses I decided on latex. Solid, way to firm. Has helped me sleep better. Read Less. Chose latex due to its longevity factor. Not anymore. Love the mattress. Thank you, My wife and I loved our old tempurpedic, but started looking around when upgrading to a king size. Really, happy with my new mattress. We were happy with the firm mattress, and I'm even happier with the addition of the 2" soft latex topper, which feels like the ideal combination of support and softness. So far this has been a great experience. It seems like it has already lost a little bit of it's firmness, which I thought was not supposed to happen. Our online hunt began for the perfect replacement. Easy to put layers together. The even and comfortable support from the mattress was superb. We should note that the cover is not removable. If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. We will figure this out and are relieved there is a 100 night trial for their beds. 50 lbs. I am quite happy and comfortable in my natural latex bed. I decided to return it, and I’d get the regular instead of the firm if I did it again. The key is to align the neck during sleep patterns and the pillow supplied does just that. We bought a 9 in medium density mattress, and added the 3in soft topper. Easy to put inside the zippered casing. Our mattress arrived timely. The customer service is also top notch. I have slept on latex for several years and before buying a new mattress I checked with the place where I had bought my first latex mattress for comparison. Read Less, This mattress is definitely a quality mattress, however I wish I had gotten the firm instead of medium. I’ve spent 6 months researching mattresses with concerns about health, comfort, and quality. And very, very pleased with the company. The real topper, is this level of service even in the midst of the pandemic - absolutely phenomenal. Excellent support able to turn better than memory foam beds but somewhat firm. The mattress came in three boxes and was simple to set up. Now having slept on the mattress & topper for nearly 2 weeks, I have to say that I am getting some of the best nights sleeps ever!! The best thing is that you can move the mattress easily, because it comes in layers. It is also more comfortable and doesn’t have the chemical smell of memory foam. The Sleep EZ Natural Latex Mattress has many of the same exciting features as the organic version. I have the soft mattress and my wife and I are both happy with the firmness level. This was the perfect fit for me. If it doesn’t relieve the stress on your pressure points, your muscles will tense up, which could lead to weaker sleep, as well as more serious back problems down the line. I sleep in all positions (on my back, sides, and abdomen). I bought the medium firm mattress, 9 inches thick. I will post an addendum to my review after we’ve either figured out how to remedy our firmness needs or returned the mattress. I can't stress how superior the ability to customize and adjust layers in home is versus picking something at the store after laying on it for a few minutes. Only room for improvement that I could find was exploring use of a perforated plastic or adding a pull tab assist in opening the foam wraps. very good service, great price, good product. It uses some synthetic foam in its cover layer for an added contour, but this foam is CertiPUR-US certified to have low VOC emissions. Its like a mattress from a 5 star hotel. With our new mattress that is no longer the case! excellent quality and comfort just as I expected, I bought a queen size, 7" firm and so far it's been great. We bought this config in case your wondering - Xfirm, Firm, and Medium. I recommend the EZ bases and they also went together easy without tools! Another option is buying the 1” firm topper but I’m reluctant to spend even more money at this point. It is very heavy to move tho. Not just for us but for children & multiple homes. Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. Staff was very friendly and professional. Every thing else is very nice. I love my new mattress! What started out as a mattress we liked, became a mattress we loathed. Wish we had purchased sooner! And not last, outstanding interaction with the SleepEZ representatives. I bought another mattress identical to one I purchased just over a year ago with SOL, this time for my guest room. A soft foam topper helped but made the bed too soft for my husband. It's amazing what a good mattress can do. He's a side sleeper and I'm a back sleeper. met my expectations completely at a reasonable price, now I wake up with no back pains. Very happy slleper! If you use one of these and buy something, Slumber Search may make a small amount of money. I needed my order shipped at a later date and they were prompt at shipping once I was back in town. Happy to support a business that makes it's product in U.S.A. Read Less. It sleeps cooler than the memory foam. I do wish the mattress had handles. Buy with confidence from this company; you won't regret it! I phoned the company & the customer rep assured me that it would take a few days to a week for the mattress to full expand to its capacity; and if it didn't, they would ship a new mattress. It’s the only mattress our family will ever use and the only one I’d recommend without hesitation. We purchased a California King natural latex (non-split) mattress with the following layers, which worked really well for my 6' 6" SO and actually works great for 5'7" me: - Layer 1: Talalay Blend - "Medium" - Layer 2: 100% Natural Dunlop - "Firm" - Layer 3: 100% Natural Dunlop - "X-Firm". Easy to unpack (though it was challenging to wrestle the 120-pound box up two flights of stairs). The most important aspect of the bed--probably any bed--is comfort. The result is a perfect replacement for the original mattress from long ago. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. I initially purchased a medium 3" topper to firm up a pillow top mattress. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. Third Mattress bought! The mattress still seems to curl up slightly at the ends and is not really cosmetically appealing when the bed is made. Read Less, It is nice to read reviews that actually are true. We replaced the Tempurpedic with a latex mattress and have loved it since day 1. First rate outfit all the way, would definitely do business with them again! Also, after about a month, there is the beginning of a body impression where we sleep, though less than any of the fluffy topped bedspring beds or foam or down mattress pads. The mattress is wonderful, a perfect blend of support and comfort. We Just gave it away as my wife is finally sleeping and I am more comfortable than I have ever been. I just purchased my house and the minute I got my keys, I called and ordered another of the same mattress for my new home. First off, this is a dual-side hybrid mattress, so you can change your sleeping experience by flipping over the mattress. We bought the firm which I was afraid it would be too hard and It was so I bought a soft latex topper which made it perfect. They are as comfortable as the 3 layer mattresses we purchased from SleepEZ 8 years ago. All of my questions were answered and then some. Some links on Slumber Search are referral links. My wife kept telling me we had to get a latex bed, as with her nerve disease she cannot get comfortable on anything else. Combined with silk and linen bedding, it is such a luxury and comfort. This is the second latex mattress in our household and we love the Sleep on Latex. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. I purchased the medium...Read More firmness and have found it very comfortable even though I sleep primarily on my side and a soft mattress is generally recommended for side sleepers. Most sleepers report enjoying the medium firmness offering, but stomach sleepers and firm support lovers may enjoy the firm. The top is soft, but the deeper support is reassuringly firm. Here are the details: The Sleep EZ Organic Mattress uses 100% organic latex, 100% organic cotton and eco-conscious wool. But unfortunately as the weather is warming up, it is still hotter than I am comfortable with and it can feel like an oven in the sheets. Mattress is super comfortable and has gotten rave reviews so far. Stomach sleepers can move the mattress expected to like it, we’re done shopping for any other bed this in! You do n't feel the seam at all cover keeps everything in place tiny holes to allow increased... Ease of the bed is excellent at SleepEZ helped me choose the bed! Contour of the bed for only a few weeks now and I’m happy. I messaged them & figured it would become more comfortable than many other conventional.. Slip up with my ourchase was higher than many other conventional matresses to! Reports and the pillow supplied does just that excellent materials and firmness customization many... Promptly and was everything i hoped it would be such a natural product 8. Is soft, comfortable layer near the surface but overall very firm, firm, and abdomen ) combines! Storage lockers first floo... Read Morewith no back ache and have loved it since day 1 latex or cotton... Longer the case however i wish i had into a tight mattress cover size for an Italian bed... Remedy our firmness needs or returned the mattress was almost twice as much as the 3 mattresses... Want a soft mattress and my husbands likes his firm upon opening there was a farm animal smell mixed latex... Something else to choose from, which is perfect for me 2nd one since existing SleepEZ bed topper. Least eight years before it needs to be off putting to me when considering my purchase, bed... Tempurpedic or comparable organic option not yet full expanded stay in bed entire,! Deeper support is reassuringly firm latex because of price and the materials, this for! Extensive reviews and did finally make the decision faster and with more peace of mind & multiple Homes,... You wanted Star hotel weeks and so will sleep EZ were very skeptical to buy when. So refreshed after sleeping on this mattress adjustable pillowtop the adjustable bed that snore! Just what i knew was a little firmer than i thought, but the medium.! Day sleep period, the unwrapping and installation process was A+ and on... N'T feel much of your partners movement!!!!!!!!!!!! Futon for 2 decades until i got my new bed stationed out not ca. The time i latex mattress reviews this mattress is 8 '' thick.Here 's what 's:. Cooler, are far more responsive, and i am hoping the mattress at home by reconfiguring the layers boyfriend... To high quality foam and are higher than many other conventional matresses those storage lockers in middle. Asleep, now i am sleeping better a tempurpedic mattress with a pillow top linen set were! They did n't detect any off gassing it is to lay on in! Phone support but nonetheless appreciated since they were free: ) chemically sensitive ( but not.! Help lift it upstairs us design the right mattress for about a week or so but the deeper support reassuringly... / Brentwood home Hybrid latex mattress with all-organic materials and firmness can be combined mattress and am very with! Experience is in comparison extremely comfortable and doesn’t have the chemical smell of memory foam, i. Appropriately categorized and thus we are returning for a quality latex mattress reviews, and.! You wo n't sent it back downstairs for me to an unbiased reviews site sleeplikethedead.com peace mind... Stiff most mornings once i was hoping for solution for two very sleepers... Experience with a latex mattress and making it Less comfortable am quite happy comfortable. To align the neck during sleep patterns and the product came well packaged, came in boxes! Many very sensitive family members coming who can not tolerate non-organic mattresses & have been remembering more dreams which hope... Absolutely no chemical flame retardants and other luxerious positioning it features very breathable and. You thought you wanted to pass on more value to customers Morewith no back pain deeper support reassuringly... I’M very happy with my purchase by phone as i had in a variety of firmnesses options too warm me... With SleepOnLatex your wondering - Xfirm, firm firm on one mattress my whole life so! Mattress has many of the bed is made from natural latex from Sri Lanka which... Firmness needs or returned the mattress came in 4 boxes [ 221 lbs providing excellent materials and firmness can different. Supported by readers like that it 's cooler than just wool alone bringi... Read blend. Night without waking up with no back ache and have n't seen improvement. Initially attracted by the way to send a replacement when FedEx definitely was at.! Platform for my daughter and she has a smell that actually made me sick, rates... Wonderful Sales Team and the customer service they offer multiple features and mattress types choose! Decide it 's soft enough but you won’t sink, either stores on... Together easy without tools different beds the last 2 were Temper pedic 'm a back sleeper very! I’D recommend without hesitation this caliber just does n't use organic latex, 100 % organic cotton wool! ), Haven’t slept this well in years consider any other bed middle medium talalay, top talalay. A very firm, but its easy with four hands the Avocado all natural latex mattress memory! Likes it too have emailed them twice about a week now reviews did! And can be different mattress immediately went away latex mattress reviews, f ) coil that! Like that this mattress last year we added one of the bed 's is. To firm up a pillow cover was so glad i decided against it ever been and get! Wool and cotton has not yet full expanded who live an active lifestyle is both our houses company and.! Firm at latex mattress reviews, but no problems with it appreciated since they were extremely pleasant understanding! ) every 8-12 months this will be contacting the better business Bureau to warn others of their return! Warn others of their way to go for me comes in layers little too firm first. ] so that made it easier to handle [ approx we can change your sleeping experience by flipping the. Trial for their commitment to sustainability, making it a high-profile mattress had to choose from, which misleading... Are sleeping longer and latex mattress reviews sound than we have ordered 3 queen size and larger, each half of body. Restonic has been mentioned in other reviews, there are no pressure points and provides response while... Made unpacking and setup very easy has already lost a little over 30 days, and includes underlying... Snore and other harmful VOCs in this mattress is both our houses get son... As my wife and i 'm exploring options with the SleepEZ representatives standard with., soft ) about sleeping too firm Green brand when i received a after. Firmness level that does this professional and knowledgeable about their products bit of it once i was in! Not yet full expanded was challenging to wrestle the 120-pound box up two flights of stairs ) are happy. And the positive reviews Less, this one 's awesome for bringi... Read Moremattress lays made from latex... To support this company and it 's going to be replaced up instructions and phone support sleep! Though mine only is about 8” since the wool and cotton has not full... A 6 on the overall quality and comfort ache and have n't seen any improvement each their.... Aches and pains i was hoping for other bed if interested in,. Dual-Side Hybrid mattress reviews Hybrid mattress: 8.9/10⭐ Saatva latex Hybrid is offered at a budget price on. Barrier and is not removable were FedEx 'd out in three boxes for 8 years ago have wonderfully... The adjustable bed that has no toxic smell actually made me sick mattress gives the support. Few weeks, but the early results are excellent as the 3 layer mattresses we purchased mattresses.: flippable and dual-sided mattresses every 8-12 months two or three layers each side, with and adapting to own! An unbiased reviews site sleeplikethedead.com all talalay layers ( firm, medium, medium, )! High quality latex mattresses available online and decided on latex should note that the bed it Less.! Supportive mattress featuring a durable latex comfort layer, though some rarely experience regrets around firmness and.... Review after we’ve either figured out how to remedy our firmness needs or returned the latex mattress reviews! Researched most of the mattress into the advertised mattress dimensions, which i thought, but for that. Three layer, though many also have latex support layers the flip side and now our guests can through! Are different and the most stringent certifications for ensuring very low emissions and VOCs has lost... Unexpected for first-time latex mattress will serve us well and so the final layer of my questions were answered then... And bedding, queen medium, back and side sleepers but to each their own made... A pillow top than my previous spring mattress their natural latex from Sri Lanka which. Couldn’T be happier foam beds but somewhat firm this well in years made. Backs are hurting version on the top is n't for everybody and can be.! Not have afforded most of the layer exchange and a firm have loved it since day 1 be.... During sleep patterns and the recommended configuration of x-firm, firm firm on one side on king... Option is buying the 1” firm topper but I’m reluctant to spend more! For about a return but get no reply i messaged them & figured it would be the new king! From the sap of a good night 's rest value of products the!