The manor house or palace of the bishops of London stands in grounds, beautifully planted and surrounded by a moat, believed to be a Danish work, near the river west of Putney Bridge. 13) against the index-edge and type-wheels, and thus the beautifully cut divisions of the micrometer-head, the numbers marking the ioa parts of the head, the index and the total number of revolutions are all sharply embossed together upon the paper ribbon. Butler's British Birds with their Nests and Eggs (6 vols., 1896), the various -editions of Howard Saunders's Manual of British Birds, and Lord Lilford's beautifully illustrated Coloured Figures of the Birds of the British Islands (1885-1897). A beautifully designed chandelier hung in the room. terse, simple style fit the short story beautifully. Gray leaved plants like Santolina, lavender and Artemesia contrast beautifully with bright blue delphiniums and purple and white hardy geraniums. Beautifully maintained playing fields, an indoor sports hall, 25m swimming pool, tennis courts. set in our house. One of the most beautifully secluded Lakeside caravan estates offering exclusive lake frontage for 1km onto Windermere, set on a farm. Celts, of the usual late neolithic type, were generally of green jasper; hoe-blades (looking almost exactly like palaeolithic haches a main) of chert or coarse limestone; hammers of granite; mace-heads, of identical type with the early Egyptian, of diorite and limestone; nails of obsidian or smoky quartz, often beautifully made. Learn the definition of the word "beautifully" and how to use beautifully in a sentence. We stood there, gazing at the beautifully glittering tree and the colorful parcels. All Rights Reserved. Spiders are represented by a very large number of species, some of which are beautifully coloured. There's a wide range of entertainments for every taste, all within a beautifully serene environment. A sweeping driveway with beautifully manicured grounds leads to the entrance. All of the girls dance beautifully, she was saying, " except for that little Stafford girl. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. It is built on a level plain surrounded by low, gently sloping and beautifully wooded hills. The park is beautifully laid out, and contains a small menagerie. As if in affirmation, the children danced beautifully. Beautifully decorated on the exterior with gable reliefs by Artus Quellinus (1609-1668) of Antwerp, its great external defect is the absence of a grand entrance. Physicians Formula is an innovative company who keeps up with the 'runway crowd' - and brings it to beautifully to the masses. Susanne Heinrich's playing displays a broad tonal palette and beautifully fluid playing. It is beautifully situated in the valley of the river Eger, an affluent of the Theiss, and on the eastern outskirts of the Matra mountains. ‘a beautifully illustrated book’ ‘Can the vampires, championed by the beautifully dangerous Selene, stop them before it's too late?’ ‘A few of these had cushions with beautifully hand-worked needlepoint covers.’ ‘It is a beautifully designed volume, with illustrations of the covers of his various books.’ Usually I prefer poetry, but this prose was beautifully written. 2. beautifully definition: in a beautiful manner | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples: 32. B1 in a way that is very pleasant: The fire kept the room beautifully warm. It is beautifully situated in the centre of a valley basin on a plateau 35 00 ft. More general in its appeal still is the argument from the affections, which has been beautifully developed in Tennyson's In Memoriam. This beautifully built detached family bungalow, offers spacious, comfortable living accommodation. In the interior, which contains beautifully carved stalls, a choir-screen in the flamboyant style and many other works of art, the most striking features are the height of the nave and the boldness of the columns supporting the vaulting. Even the usually bored Dawkinses ooh-ed and aah-ed appropriately but the brothers seemed more interested in the locale of the various shots than the scenery and flora so beautifully presented.